White House Investigates Loans


Acting United States President Donald J. Trump was sworn in about 14 months ago, back in January 2017. A billionaire through the world of business, including a hefty loan from his father, that the public news still doesn’t know the total either way.

No matter whether you’re a fan or enemy – or even a neutralbb, somehow, in America’s modern polarized political climate – of the Donald, hit presidential term thus far certainly hasn’t been a smooth ride to success.

Trump’s family members also have been free of accusations, the most recent potential revelation of which is that his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, the husband of Ivanka Trump, is now being investigated by several financial transactions made between Kushner and a handful of financial institutions, all involving – on Jared Kushner’s side of the deals, at least – the central, most successful business that he owns.

In short, two loans, when put together worth more than half a billion United States Dollars, were taken out by the family business of Kushner. According to The Wall Street Journal, the loans may possibly have run against election financing laws set in place to make sure that potential president nominees don’t have excessive financial power.

According to the publication, a handful of legal teams within the White House are trying to figure out if those two loans – one worth a paltry $184 million from Apollo Global Management LLC’s real estate division, the other totaling in value of $325 million, which comes from Citigroup Inc – went against laws that are put in place to keep federal government employees from being too loyal to money, rather than the country they’re supposed to act in the best interest of – the United States of America.

Kushner Companies, the name of the entity that Kushner’s direct lineage founded some years ago that deals in real estate, is still operated in part by Jared Kushner. Employees of the federal government are able to be engaged in such activity, even though it might seem fishy – remember that Donald Trump had divested control of several assets to his sons or sold them to others he wasn’t related to right before he was sworn in as POTUS.

Mr. David Apol, the current director of the United States Office of Government, wrote a letter sent out Monday, March 26, that said in part “I have discussed this matter with the White House Counsel’s Office in order to ensure that they have [began the investigation process.”


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