Victims of the Las Vegas Shooting Begin to be compensated


October 1st, 2017 remains a day that residents of Las Vegas and Americans at large will continue to remember. On this day, at least 58 people lost their lives out of shooting. Some were left paralyzed while others suffered brain damage. After the tragedy, at least $ 31 million was collected and put on the victim’s fund. From Monday the 5th day of March, the more than 500 victims began getting the funds. In a statement, the chairperson of the Las Vegas Victims Fund Committee, Mr. Scott Nielson described the contribution to those who were affected by the attack as tremendous. It indeed humbled him. With the recognition that no amount of money can replace the lives that were lost and the emptiness that is to date felt because of the tragic event, Mr. Nielson appreciated the efforts by the community in distributing the various gifts from thousands of people. He says that the efforts no matter how small they may be perceived go a long way in helping the families and survivors.

According to the fund committee. The total number of people needing the help is 532. The shooting in Las Vegas is considered the largest in America, Today. It indeed captured the attention of the entire globe. The culprit, Stephen Paddock is said to have shot at least 22,000 individuals who had gone to a Harvest country music festival. All the while, Mr. Paddock was in his room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort. After the shooting, there were claims by some individuals that the money in the victims’ kitty was not in line with the range of the tragedy. They feared that while the funds will be distributed, some people may end up being left out.

In the event of a mass shooting, there is usually an establishment on whether people can donate to help people who suffered the tragedy. After the San Bernardino mass shooting, families of 14 people who passed on were given at least $140,629 each. 37 individuals that were present received $2,993 each. The Shooting in Las Vegas did not, however, allow for the full coverage of victims since it involved individuals who had attended a concert. By mid-December, only $16 million had been raised. Out of the numerous fundraising conducted, the amount increased tremendously. The issuance of the money is expected to be complete by the end of March.


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