Trumps Adds Former NYC Mayor to Legal Team


United States President Donald Trump is adding a big name to his legal team with the announcement of the hiring of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani. The well-recognized face adds much-needed experience to Trump’s rapidly deteriorating team of lawyers. As a former US attorney for the Southern District of New York, Giuliani brings an impressive resume along with intense loyalty to his long-time friend and confidant Trump. In addition to Giuliani, Trump added criminal defense attorneys Marty Raskin and Jane Serene Raskin to his lineup of legal minds. Staring down a mass exodus of lawyers and rumors of internal dissension has left Trump lacking in defensive firepower heading into a mess of legal issues spearheaded by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Many Trump supporters believe that Guiliani’s reputation as a dogged prosecutor will aid in swiftly evaluating Mueller’s investigation and ending the inquiry with the hopes of Trump coming out of the probe unscathed. The Guiliani hire comes on the heels of the resignation of lead lawyer John Dowd, leaving Jay Sekulow pulling double duty heading up the Mueller dealings while also trying to bring on additional legal help to the Trump team. Trump’s advisers are said to be confident with the newly formed representation of Giuliani, Sekulow, and the Raskins pair all working together to sort through the investigations and media scrutiny.

Mueller and Guiliani go way back, with their paths crossing multiple times throughout their respective storied careers in public service. Guiliani stated on Friday that he is confident that he can comply with Mueller’s requests quickly. Sources close to Trump say that the President is equally optimistic about the hire of the Raskins couple, especially given the pair’s extensive experience in dealing with financial crimes. The white-collar lawyers are known for their ability to work well together and with others while strongly defending their clients.


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