Trump Administration Files Lawsuit Against California


The federal government, under leadership of the current Donald J. Trump administration, has filed a lawsuit against the State of California for immigration policies that allegedly act against active federal laws in United States of America law books.

Trump is seeking to crack down on “sanctuary cities” and associated laws, which make it illegal for federal, state, or local agencies to apprehend alleged illegal immigrants – the vast majority of which are from Mexico – in the state of California.

Specifically, the United States Justice Department sued the State of California, California Governor Jerry Brown, and the Golden State’s – that’s one of California’s handful of nicknames – attorney general Xavier Becerra. The lawsuit focuses on three laws active on the state level, all of which were enacted in just the past few moths, making it quite literally impossible for officials dealing with federal immigration law enforcement to meet the nation’s obligations and their own responsibilities on an individual, employee basis.

California Has A Vested Intrest To Argue In Opposition Of Current Federal Immigration Laws

According to the Trump administration, California is one of the most stout opponent states in terms of allowing current immigration and deportation policies to function on the federal level, as they have for decades.

Some experts believe that such lawsuits filed by the Justice Department, under Donald J. Trump’s leadership, could threaten sanctuary cities around the United States of America, regardless of their distance away from Mexico, or how many Mexicans without legal citizen status are believed to be held in such sanctuary cities.

Acting United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions, most recently a Republican Senator in the Southeastern U.S. state of Alabama – he was appointed to the position of federal Attorney General, the top such position in the nation, shortly after Donald J. Trump took office – was quoted as saying “The Department of Justice and the Trump administration are going to fight these unjust, unfair, and unconstitutional policies that have been imposed on [law enforcement officers operating out of San Francisco, California]. I believe we are going to win.”

The Battle Formally Begins

Both Attorney General Jeff Sessions and President Donald Trump are in staunch opposition to providing safe havens for undocumented immigrants, regardless of what country they hail from. California’s Governor Mr. Brown and its state attorney general Mr. Becerra are both in favor of sanctuary cities and immigrant-friendly policies.


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