Sussex Healthcare Announces New Gym and Services for Residents

Sussex Healthcare opens state of the art gym
Sussex Healthcare announces new state of the art gym to promote wellness amongst residents.

Sussex Healthcare is a cutting-edge company that provides services for individuals who are experiencing various neurological conditions, and some residents suffer from dementia and lesions that affect the nervous tissue. Recently, the business unveiled a sizable gym that features stationary bikes, elliptical trainers, numerous types of free weights, treadmills, medicine balls that can strengthen an individual’s abdominal muscles, a pool and machines that contain cables. Furthermore, residents may relax in a large hot tub, and numerous studies have shown that a hot tub can stimulate the release of endorphins, reduce soreness that certain exercises may cause, decrease stress and boost the production of extra norepinephrine.

Utilizing the Elliptical Trainers

When residents use these effective machines, each individual can modify the resistance that an elliptical trainer provides. The Sussex Healthcare’s experienced specialists might customize the speed of certain components and the height of each device that could stabilize a user’s feet. The elliptical trainers may maximize the durability of the joints, enhance flexibility and improve motor skills, and unlike some treadmills, the machines will not stress the joints.


Various studies have suggested that many exercises can promote the creation of fresh neurons in an individual’s brain, and these extra neurons may induce the formation of new memories, enhance critical thinking, affect an individual’s reflexes and improve well-being. Furthermore, certain exercises can tremendously increase the production of norepinephrine, and this natural compound can improve focus, augment motivation and increase energy.


Our residents may engage in classes that will help them to swim in pools that have predetermined currents. The activities could substantially improve endurance and enhance each swimmer’s flexibility. Moreover, swimming might significantly increase an individual’s strength, and our residents can use an underwater treadmill that may strengthen the quadriceps, the abdominal muscles, the calves and the hamstrings.

Evaluating an Individual’s Respiratory System

Some workouts will be managed by experts who specialize in respiratory care, and during the training sessions, the specialists can examine an individual’s breathing, study obstructions that may affect endurance, evaluate inflammation that could influence respiration and recommend exercises that can improve breathing. The experts might also create extensive reports for doctors who care for numerous residents.

The Benefits of Group Sessions

Sussex Healthcare offers group classes that may help residents to master many types of exercises, and various reports have shown that group sessions can increase the amount of endorphins that a participant’s brain can release, stimulate sections of the brain that are associated with well-being and reduce stress. According to multiple reports, group sessions will frequently encourage individuals to complete extra repetitions.

The Abdominal Muscles

Our experienced experts can teach exercises that will effectively increase the strength of an individual’s abdominal muscles, and the movements may optimize motor coordination, flexibility and endurance. Some of the exercises require the elliptical trainers, yet sometimes, the residents will perform crunches, leg raises and exercises that may strengthen the quadriceps. The gym contains numerous types of straps that will stabilize residents while they are completing certain exercises, and the fitness center offers equipment that can help a user to effectively twist the abdomen.

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Improving the Condition of an Individual’s Joints

While a trainer customizes a program for a resident, the specialist can evaluate soreness and stiffness that may affect an individual’s joints. Subsequently, the expert might study factors that caused the discomfort, exercises that could increase the flexibility of each joint and inflammatory conditions that may precipitate soreness. If an individual consistently swims, the workouts could significantly increase the level of cartilage within each joint. Generally, extra cartilage may reduce soreness, eliminate stiffness, prevent numerous types of injuries and improve the flexibility of the joints.

Increasing the Production of Dopamine

When a resident is suffering from dementia, the brain may generate relatively low levels of dopamine, and this natural compound can affect motivation, focus, energy and well-being. If a person frequently completes various types of exercises, the workouts can tremendously boost the production of dopamine, and some studies suggest that exercises can also induce the release of extra serotonin.

The Benefits of Reflexology

While customizing exercise classes, our specialists may recommend treatments that are associated with reflexology, and these sessions can significantly reduce tension, decrease soreness, eliminate stiffness and improve an individual’s energy. According to various reports, the sessions can augment the levels of endorphins in the nervous system, and the treatments may decrease the production of cortisol, which is a hormone that is related to stress.

Creating Custom Goals

Sussex Healthcare’s trained experts can design a long-term plan for each resident who regularly visits the new gym, and the specialists may examine goals that are associated with fitness, create descriptions of exercises that a resident may perform, evaluate the number of repetitions that an individual can complete and study techniques that could reduce soreness. Moreover, the skilled experts can offer nutritional information and recommend foods that contain high levels of specific vitamins.

The Company’s History

Established in 1985, Sussex Healthcare regularly helps residents who are experiencing dementia, brain lesions, multiple sclerosis, symptoms that are related to brain injuries and many types of neurological conditions. During 2002, the International Organization for Standardization officially certified Sussex Healthcare. In 2005, the company was accredited by the Health Quality Service, and this organization evaluates nursing homes, medical centers and facilities that offer specialized care. Currently, Sussex Healthcare manages 20 houses, and the business offers effective treatments that are related to aromatherapy, sensory integration, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy.

Contacting Sussex Healthcare

If you have questions about the services that Sussex Healthcare can offer, you may evaluate services for residents who are experiencing dementia, a description of the company’s new gym and numerous reviews. When you are ready to schedule a consultation, you should complete the contact form that the company offers.


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