Suge Knight’s lawyer dismissed from the council after being involved in bribe charges.


After Mondays’ acute hearing, a Los Angele judge advised Suge Knight to get another lawyer before time elapsed and faced his already scheduled murder trial. Suge’s lawyer was indicted for having committed a felony and other conspiracy charges. This information was last week made accessible to the public. Knight made it clear that Culpepper was officially off the case. He made this announcement after he had conferred with Culpepper in the court of Justice. Judge Ronald Coen made the removal statement for Culpepper and ordered him to surrender every evidence that was in his possession before Wednesday.

Dominique Banos, Knights only remaining lawyer, pleaded with the court to give him a couple of weeks so that he could gather a new counsel. Judge Ronald asked him to take at least 48 hours to assemble and plan himself properly. The lawyer showed frustration, but the court of law understood his situation. In January 2015 Knight was accused of hitting the gas while driving his Ford Raptor truck before running over two gentlemen in a car parking lot. In the incident, he is instantly killing a local businessman, Terry Carter. Judge Ronald did set a 23rd March hearing where Knight is expected to present to the court his new counsel. On Monday, Knight who has was jailed three years ago, also expressed frustrations because he has gone through at least five head lawyers so far.

Right before Knight was led away by his deputies, he decided to raise an issue with the boss of the court, Ronald Coen. Knight commented saying that his prior lawyer, Fletcher who allegedly was indicted alongside Culpepper had earlier advised him not to trail certain attorneys. He expressed his frustration saying that since then, Fletcher had purportedly recruited lawyer Mark Geragos to counsel his defense. Fletcher had told him not to mess around with white attorneys but later hired Geragos. Knight expressed confusion saying that everything seemed like a movie called the ‘crash.’

On Monday, Geragos confirmed that he was going to represent Fletcher. Geragos expressed discomfort with what knight earlier said saying he is not white but takes much pride as an Armenian. So far Mr. Knight has pleaded not guilty to killing the local businessman at the parking lot. According to prosecutors, the knight was upset and instead decided to swirl his vehicle intentionally driving towards the two gentlemen. Knight, on the other hand, said that he was a victim of an ambush and had to drive his car forward through the parking lot to escape a further ambush.


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