Stream Energy Review: Women of Power Retreat 2018

Stream Energy Reviews

With over $8 billion in lifetime revenue, Stream Energy (now Stream) has become a leading sales force in the global energy market. By simply selling energy and other services to homes and businesses across the U.S., the company gives its customers the opportunity to gain financial freedom and own their time. Through its Stream Opportunity program, Independent Associates (those who have signed up) earn rewards and income by selling the company’s services and signing up new customers. For thousands of people, becoming an Associate means being part of a business that’s already established and lucrative.

Stream Opportunity allows its customers to sell the following services:

  • Energy Services, which provide customers with various forms of energy. Various types of energy are distributed to homes and businesses throughout the U.S.
  • Home Services provides various services that allow customers’ homes to run better. These include Digital Voice, which allows for crystal clear calling for a low price.
  • Wireless Services provide customers with various cell phone plans, including 4G LTE plans, and mobile hotspots.
  • Protective Services provide customers with Stream Virtual MD, which gives them around-the-clock access to phone or video consultations with U.S. Board Certified doctors.

Over the years, the company has shifted its investment to helping women get ahead in business. Stream Energy recognizes the crucial power of a woman, especially in the workplace. Recognizing the talents and strengths unique to women, Stream founded Women of Power in 2010 to develop and promote leadership within Stream Energy. The program aims to bring together like-minded women and inspire, motivate, and mentor them to better their business.

At the pinnacle of this community is the Woman of Power Retreat. The retreat exposes attendees to resources, speakers, and workshops to help them become better sellers, business owners, and leaders. Every year, the theme of the workshop changes to focus on a key aspect of the business, and 2018 was no different.

Women of Power Retreat 2018: Dream

Taking place from July 19-22, 2018, the latest offering of this woman-empowerment retreat was themed “dream.” “This year, we really wanted to encourage our attendees to dream bigger in 2018 and beyond,” explained Stream Energy Director of Events Chelsey Berend. “This retreat was all about helping them set meaningful goals for their personal lives and their Stream businesses, and giving them the confidence and tools they need to make them a reality.”

Ensuring attendees had the opportunity to dream throughout the weekend, festivities started with a Top Leader Luncheon, where some of the most successful Stream Energy Associates discussed the events of the weekend ahead, as well as a toast to their future within the company and beyond. This was followed by a vision board workshop guided by marketing strategist and entrepreneur Amber Housley. Attendees were encouraged to craft vision boards comprised of their business dreams.

Independent Associates were taken on a weekend-long journey of enlightenment. Throughout the weekend, attendees were immersed in panels and training sessions by top leaders as well as guest speakers Jewel Tankard and Sonia Stringer (in addition to Amber Housley). The guest speakers delivered invaluable presentations on topics like personal branding and lead generation. Stream Energy’s very own Labeebah Thomas (National Director) and Presidential Director Bernadette Wright discussed the importance of shifting your mindset as well as empowering and supporting women in business.

Celebrating Women of Power

Through Stream Energy’s Women of Power, its retreat, and other empowerment programs, thousands of women have had the opportunity to own their time and gain financial freedom. On the first night of the event, women who embody the passion, strength, and excitement that define what these programs aim to produce were honored.

Time To Unwind

The Women of Power Retreat is not all about business. The retreat allows the women to unwind and celebrate their achievements as business owners. To celebrate, Stream Energy provided dinner, drinks, and dancing to encourage these powerful women to let their hair down. These social events also helped the ladies get to know each other better and build friendships with each other.


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