Stansberry Research Discusses the Right Time to Invest in…Coffee and Marijuana?

Stansberry Research Explores the Positive Investments of Marijuana and Coffee

When it comes to investment opportunities, it’s pretty safe to say that coffee and marijuana normally do not seem like obvious choices. In the grand scheme of things, coffee is a fairly cheap habit and, of course, there is a gray legal area involving marijuana. However, an investment article from Stansberry Research recently pointed out that these two commodities might be some of the best opportunities right now.


Coffee is the definition of a boom or bust commodity. Today, most people consider it a poor investment choice. According to the Commitment of Traders report, traders seem to be giving up on it, betting on lower coffee prices in the future.


There is a track record for coffee fluctuation. Back in 2014, coffee was supposed to go down in price looking at the trends of investors. But the price of it per pound went up 92%. In 2015, many investors thought that coffee was bound to go down again. However, by the end of the year, the price of coffee was up 50%.


It’s hard to officially recommend coffee, as the article on Stansberry Research points out. Experts with the company point out that inexpensive assets can be great to target, but they also need to be in the uptrend. Coffee isn’t currently in the middle of an uptrend. History certainly seems to be on coffee’s side, but it’s not exactly a booming commodity at this point.


Coffee might be somewhat controversial, but that controversy is nothing compared to marijuana. No matter how a person feels it about the substance’s legality, investment opportunities are going to continue to grow for the next years as states continue to legalize it. Stansberry Research has discussed marijuana investment in the past, but now it seems that it could be a particularly good opportunity.


A total of nine states as of early 2018 have legalized marijuana for recreational use, and close to half have approved it medically. This number is only going to grow. Support is growing across the country, and over 60% of Americans now support legalization.


Marijuana isn’t just growing as a hot commodity in the United States either. Countries around the world are becoming more receptive to it. One country, in particular, seems to be slightly ahead of complete legalization, and that is Canada. Canada, right now, has the biggest number of publicly traded marijuana stocks.


The biggest risk with marijuana investment is, of course, that any American company involved in it runs the risk of being shut down, since marijuana is illegal under federal law. Reducing risk on the rest of your portfolio is a good idea, according to Stansberry Research, for those interested in investing in marijuana.


Coffee and marijuana are both commodities that are relatively inexpensive for consumers. Not only that, but they have very loyal users, so it makes sense that both are going to only trend upwards (Twitter). To some investors, these two commodities might seem a bit boom or bust.


Coffee is a commodity that won’t require dealing with legal issues, so that might be the safer investment option. However, marijuana seems to clearly have the higher upside and higher “boom” potential. This is especially true for any investor who currently resides in a state that has already legalized the substance.


As always, Stansberry Research continues to research not only boom or bust options, but investment opportunities that are less volatile as well. In the Stansberry Digest, options are usually discussed in full by some of the top writers in the industry. Even if coffee or marijuana doesn’t seem like the right fit for some investors right now, there are bound to be other options recommended and discussed on the website throughout the year.


More About Stansberry Research


The entire publishing company at Stansberry Research relies on two pretty basic principles when providing content and information for consumers. The first is to only provide information they’d want as consumers themselves, and the other is to publish strategies they’d be confident sharing with family and close friends. In other words, integrity is of the utmost importance for the company.


Stansberry Research is a publisher of financial information and software, serving investors all around the world. The subscription-based publisher serves millions, providing philosophies and strategies from all walks of life. There are multiple franchises under Stansberry Research, which helps to company provide different voices for customers to consider when investing.


Since Stansberry Research is subscription based, the focus is always on the long-term. Customers are not going to be required to act quickly in order to see results. There is no incentive for Stansberry Research to land customers for short-term goals, so building a serious relationship with them is the main focus of the company. By building a relationship with customers, it helps to gain trust and also bring in additional customers looking for investment tips and solutions.


Accountability and transparency are also very important for Stansberry Research. The company understands all the various tips and tricks out there for potential investors. In order to stand out from the crowd, all publications provide valuable information stemmed from real-life results. Subscribers are able to view investment track records of each month, as well as past results.


Launched in 1999 by Porter Stansberry, Stansberry Research originally was based in Baltimore, Maryland. Since its launch, offices in Florida, Oregon, and California have been built. The main specialization of the company is investment research and providing valuable information for subscribers. Anything from oil to health care is covered in the numerous newsletters published by the company (


Porter Stansberry headlines the number of analysts on staff at Stansberry Research. He still serves as the editor of Stansberry’s Investment Advisory. Other big names within the company include Steve Sjuggerud (editor of True Wealth), David Eifrig (editor of Retirement Millionaire), and Dan Ferris (editor of Extreme Value and writer of World Dominating Dividend Growers: Income Streams that Never Go Down).


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