Perry Mandera Uses Custom Care Charities to Manage His Charitable Efforts

Perry Mandera Donates Time and Effort Through Custom Cares

Charity begins in the heart, but people don’t always keep track of their favorite causes when they become distracted by new issues, everyday living, and work obligations. That’s why transportation entrepreneur Perry Mandera organized an independent company to handle his many charitable interests. The Custom Care Charities is a platform that handles giving for his transportation company and expands Mandera’s charitable reach by accepting donations from his many entrepreneurial friends and business partners. In February of 1986, Perry Mandera started the Custom Companies, a turnkey transportation organization that handles all the transportation needs of major Fortune 100 companies and smaller companies.


Always committed to charities and community programs that benefit children, teenagers, veterans and the underprivileged, Mandera always gave personally of his time and money. However, he felt it was important to establish a company to manage his ever-increasing charitable efforts. That’s why he established Custom Care Charities. This dedicated organization keeps track of Mandela’s favorite causes and serves as a highly visible platform to solicit donations and distribute funds to other worthwhile charities. The company serves as a focal point where charitable organizations can request funds, manage multichannel fundraising and provide a helping hand to medical charities, youth groups, Chicago-area sports teams for kids, veterans’ charities and other causes.


Building the Custom Companies and Custom Care Charities

In 1986, Perry Mandera began building his fledgling transportation company with a commitment to honesty, integrity, reasonable prices and all-inclusive services. Before he established his company, there was no turnkey operation capable of handling all of a company’s transportation needs. The strategy succeeded because the company became a major transportation service earning $200 million or more each year.


Unique Services that the Custom Companies Provide

The Custom Companies offers a range of services besides just shipping. These ancillary services include:


Full Service

  • Full Service The company either delivers shipments with its in-house fleet or assigns deliveries to one of its more than 5,000 business partners across the United States and around the world. The company always works to meet the high standards of ISO 9001:2008 for both domestic and international shipping.


LTL Service

  • LTL Service The Custom Companies offers shipping services that include Less-than-Truckload, or LTL, service. The company’s domestic shipping covers all 48 contiguous states, Canada and Mexico. The transportation company also offers Air Freight and Expedited international shipments all over the world through Global Logistics LLC.



  • 24/7/365 Companies can schedule deliveries 24/7/365.


Cheetah Dispatch Software

  • Cheetah Dispatch Software The Custom Companies uses advanced Cheetah routing software to optimize deliveries and pickups. All drivers stay connected with efficient tablets to communicate seamlessly with office staff, customers, shipping destinations, dock managers and other stakeholders in the supply chain.


Multiple Offices

  • Multiple Offices Headquartered in Northlake, Illinois, the company has a second corporate office in transportation-rich Los Angeles. Satellite offices, distribution centers, and warehouses are established throughout the United States to speed deliveries and provide a local presence for customers.


Special Services

  • Special Services The Custom Companies offers a great deal more than just shipping. Services include local cartage, refrigerated shipping, warehousing, intermodal services, labeling, segregated shipments and many other services.


The Custom Companies uses the motto “One Call Does It All.” The company enjoys a 99.5 percent rate of claim-free service.  Every customer gets assigned to a team that monitors every shipment and solves any problems that might arise. The company has also incorporated the EPA’s SmartWay program into its fleet transportation services to reduce pollution for the people living in and around Chicago.


Perry Mandela’s Favorite Causes

Custom Care Charities handles most of Mandela’s charitable efforts such as supporting 42 major charities including The Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of America, Arthritis Foundation and Muscular Dystrophy Association. The company also provides disaster relief funds, money for research to cure and manage cancer and HIV/AIDS and support for community athletic programs for children and teenagers. Other causes that Mandela has contributed to over the years include:


  • Relief for tornado victims after a severe tornado struck homes in Washington, Illinois, in November of 2013
  • Food, water and supplies for Hurricane Katrina victims
  • 6,500 winter coats for Chicago-area disadvantaged kids
  • Sports programs for children and teenagers
  • Chicago community-based programs for the underprivileged


The Custom Care Charities, as a legitimate 501(c)3 charity, accepts donations from other sources than just the Custom Companies and Perry Mandera ( That enables the fundraising efforts to expand and provide more relief for the organization’s chosen charities.


Perry Mandera Operates Business and Charitable Efforts with the Same Steady Hand

Business at the Custom Companies is good–so good that annual sales total $200 million dollars. That’s quite an accomplishment for a former truck driver. Despite Mandera’s business interests, however, he finds time to coach underprivileged kids, volunteer at church and spend time with his wife and two children. This kind of demanding schedule could easily result in overlooking some charitable causes. That’s one of the reasons that he established Custom Care Charities to prevent good causes from falling through cracks.


Mandera believes completely in giving back to the community and dealing with business issues honestly, truthfully and efficiently. He insists that all his employees work ethically and has set in place systems that monitor security and ethical behavior. The Custom Companies offers turnkey services for major companies and smaller businesses, and establishing trust is the most important part of Mandera’s business model.


Perry Mandera was awarded recognition as one of the 100 top transportation executives of the millennium by the Illinois Trucking Association, or ITA, where he’s a board member. The association is politically active and recently threw its support to Illinois Senate Bill 662, which is a measure to repeal the Commercial Distribution Fee. This tax is a 14.35 percent levy on commercial vehicles that weigh between 8,001 and 80,000 pounds. The tax adds $50 million per year to the cost of shipping products, but the money isn’t even earmarked for transportation services such as building and repairing roads or subsidizing the state police. These savings reduce shipping costs and could save consumers money on the costs of goods.


Perry Mandera has spent a lifetime giving back to the Chicago community, veterans’ causes, sports management, and children’s programs ( He served in the Marine Corps Reserves where he had his first driving job in the motor pool. Mandera lives a Christian-oriented life with his wife and family, and he often volunteers for church activities and community programs such as coaching sports teams. During his lifetime, he has been honored frequently including awards from the Illinois Crime Commission and American Executives of Transportation.


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