The Penalty Missed by Cristiano Reminded Us that He is Just Like any Other Player


It’s true that even Portugal head coach Fernando Santos has no option than to think that Cristiano Ronaldo is just any other player. Santos regarded Ronaldo as port wine, after their match against Morocco. He smacked his lips and went on to say that Ronaldo knows when to refine himself at his best. What Ronaldo is doing today is not what he did in the last two matches that Portugal played. Also, it’s not a similar thing that he did three or four years ago. Santos summarized the sentence by saying, it’s not the same thing that he will do in the next years to come. It’s true that the more Cristiano is aging, the better he is becoming. He is an example of the exception to the rule. Ronaldo is like a glass made out of the most substantial material in the world. The forward is always aware of what he does. He understands the need of each moment. At times his willingness proves challenging to accomplish.

Ronaldo has plenty of accomplishments in his career. It’s so challenging to describe him with word of mouth. All you opt to do is smile as explaining him is unexplainable. He is just some freakish player that is naturally polished. However, if you ignore all the facts that are attached to him, all the matches and awards that he has won, you realize that Ronaldo is just any other football player. The statement was revealed by Portugal’s head coach concerning the match that they played on Monday evening. They drew 1-1 with Morocco. Santos continued to defend Cristiano saying that he is human just like anyone else. There are times when Ronaldo struggles to find a space in the box, but he is not able. Such times are not the actual moments to start criticizing. It’s not always the will of a player not to score.

There are moments where the ball won’t go past the post line. Ronaldo, just like other player feels the nerves breaking down and exhausted. Such players feel the weight that the nation places on them. The public always has a lot of expectations for such players. This is the same expectation that has crashed players like Lionel Messi, Mohammed Salah, Robert Lewandowski, Son Heung-Ming, and Sassi. All these players are entirely mechanical and exceedingly talented. They deliver when there is an opportunity and at times fail even after several struggles to brace the fans and their specific nations with goals that would lead to a win. This is what everyone should understand. They are all human beings just like everyone else.


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