The Oxford Club Shares Timely Investment Recommendations


What is the Oxford Club?

The Oxford Club is a private, global network of investors and entrepreneurs. It uses unique, time-tested investment strategies and principles to consistently beat the stock market and outperform average returns in multiple asset classes. The organization’s recommendations cover equities, bonds, options, funds, real estate, precious metals and currencies.

The Oxford Club’s mission is to help members create extraordinary, long-lasting wealth, and enjoy a rich life that goes beyond money.


The Oxford Club’s management team is made up of CEO Julia Guth working with an executive team talented in publishing, editorial, research, customer service, operations, and sales and marketing. The Club employs expert strategists who are noted authorities in various asset classes, from stocks and private equity, to income investing with bonds and dividends, to trading options, to buying cryptocurrencies.

Brief History

The Oxford Club began officially as the Passport Club in 1989. The Club assumed its current name in 1991. The Club was originally started as a small networking organization by William Bonner, the founder of The Agora Companies (now a $1 billion global conglomerate), alongside other founders. Bill’s goal, as well as those of other founders, was to form a private financial club composed of investors interested in finding and sharing unique business opportunities, both in the U.S. and globally. The founders believed that the best business and investment opportunities are found early through research and personal connections – and not in the mainstream press or through Wall Street Brokers.

Membership Levels

The Oxford Club has three membership levels namely;

Premier membership: Premier Members are those who have subscribed to any of the Club’s paid publications. This is the introductory level of membership, but Members here enjoy many of the Club’s benefits. Membership must be renewed annually.

Director’s Circle membership: Those in the Director’s Circle are lifelong Members of the Oxford Club. This level is for investors with a full commitment to the Club and gives Members access to all three Oxford Club newsletter. These Members can bequeath their membership to family members, also allowing them to enjoy the full benefits of this membership level.

Chairman’s Circle membership: This is the highest level of membership, and the most privileged. Chairman’s Circle Members have access to special features of the Club website as well as lifetime access to all of the Club’s publications.

General Business Model

The Oxford Club’s unique multifaceted investment philosophy, as well as its ability to share timely investment ideas through its investment-focused publications, has sustained the Club’s success through all market conditions. The Oxford Club researches countless investment opportunities and selects the ones with the highest potential and lowest risk. The Club then shares this information with its members, giving them an unmatched advantage over typical investors.

The Club’s easy-to-use investment strategy has helped its members beat the markets without taking on unacceptable risk. The Club helps its members create tax-smart investment portfolios which take advantage of a variety of tested and proven investment strategies globally.

Newsletters and Trading Services

The Oxford Club has three newsletters, three daily e-letters, and a dozen trading services. The Club’s services cater to all sorts of investors, from beginners to financial gurus. Members have access to publications and trading services depending on their membership levels. The three monthly newsletters are The Oxford Communiqué, The Oxford Income Letter, and Oxford Resource Explorer.

The Oxford Club offers 12 distinct trading services pertaining to multiple investment classes. These services provide investment recommendations based on exhaustive and strategic research.

Educational Resources

The Oxford Club has an educational arm known as Investment U, founded in 1999. Investment U was one of the first independent financial education websites. The website offers educational resources including courses, videos and conferences, among other resources, with the sole aim of helping members become financially literate and independent. Investment U offers a free e-letter as well as a premium version of the e-letter containing daily actionable investment stock recommendations to help subscribers benefit from every day’s top story.

Investment U also holds conferences on behalf of the Oxford Club. The 20th Investment U Anniversary conference is set to be held on March 15-18, 2018 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas.

Benefits of Joining the Oxford Club

The Oxford Club’s business model can be understood better by looking at its membership benefits. The Club sells investment information, but this goes beyond giving expert stock and bond recommendations. The Oxford Club members are part of a very unique club experience.

  1. Networking: Members of the Oxford Club enjoy the opportunity to network with fellow members from 131 countries during club events. The Oxford Club emphasizes networking as a tool to discover the best investment opportunities early.
  2. Unique investment philosophy: Members also have exclusive access to the Club’s archive of wealth-building resources as well as the Club’s unique investment philosophy.
  3. Monthly newsletters: Oxford Club members enjoy subscriptions to monthly newsletters such as The Oxford Communiqué, the Club’s flagship publication. Several times in recent years this newsletter has been ranked among the best performing investment newsletters in the industry. Other newsletters include The Oxford Income Letter, which helps members generate wealth through dividend investing, and Oxford Resource Explorer, a guide to investing in energy, metals and other resource commodities.
  4. 24/7 access to the Club’s current recommendations/strategies: Members also get secure online access to recommendations/strategies, buy/sell alerts, event notifications, privilege details, etc.
  5. Exclusive access to financial advisors: Oxford Club members also get access to highly rated third-party financial advisors through the Club’s exclusive Pillar One Advisors Program.
  6. Clubhouse access: The Oxford Club has a 4-storey clubhouse in Mt. Vernon, Baltimore which members can visit to enjoy an exclusive experience.
  7. Club gatherings around the world: Club members enjoy participation in exclusive Oxford Club gatherings around the world at unique and luxury travel destinations. These events are opportunities for members to meet the Club’s investment experts, network with fellow members and enjoy the finer things in life, including world-class entertainment, gourmet food and socializing with likeminded people.
  8. Access to global outposts: Members also have unmatched travel benefits to the Club’s global outposts in France, Central America and beyond.
  9. Property exchange: Members also have the opportunity to network with each other on real estate opportunities. Club members exchange the use of properties around the globe such as privately-owned villas, chateaus, beach houses, castles and much more.

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