Organization Commits To Rescuing And Taking Care Of Old Dogs


Tracy Rittle works at Salvaged PGH. Her dog, Wade-Wade, spends his days curled up at Tracy’s feet. Wade-Wage is an aging dog that is in need of a new home. He was rescued from a hoarding situation. He will have to be socialized before he is adopted.

Tracy is fostering the dog. Wade-Wage was rescued by Senior Hearts Rescue and Renewal. This is an organization that focuses on finding homes for chronically-ill and elderly dogs. Senior Hearts has rescued 119 dogs since it first began. Denise Pavitt is the founder of the organization. She stated that old and sick dogs are often overlooked because people think about the expense that is associated with owning one of them.

Denise stated that there are usually 20 to 30 dogs in the system at one time. She does not have a public facility or shelter for the dogs. She relies on foster families. The dogs are often given up by owners who are no longer able to care for them. Some of the dogs are rescued from shelters.

The dogs are taken to the veterinarian for an examination within 24 hours of being rescued. Ninety-five percent of the dogs have serious medical issues. Denise stated that they spend $750 on each dog that is rescued. They have private donors, annual galas and various events throughout the year to raise money.

Amy Bulebush volunteers with Senior Hearts. She is also the owner of a 18-year-old blind dog named Petey. She is also caring for a Chihuahua named Redd. She stated that caring for the dogs provides her with the companionship that she needs.

Carol Innamorato is another person who volunteers with the organization. She adopted a Maltese named Tulip in 2017. The dog had rotten teeth and several tumors. All of the rotten teeth and tumors have been removed.

Denise wants people to know that the organization is not a hospice for animals. The organization receives guidance from veterinarians. They are focused on improving the quality of life of the animals.


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