Nintendo Is Bringing Back the NES Classic Edition


If you weren’t able to buy the NES Classic Edition when it was available in 2016 and 2017, you’ll have a second chance. As reported by TechCrunch, Nintendo is bringing back the popular retro gaming console. The Japanese video game giant says the NES Classic Edition will hit U.S. stores on June 29.

Of course, lifelong Nintendo fans have been expecting the console’s re-release. Last year, Nintendo confirmed that is bringing back the NES Classic Edition in 2018 due to the product’s strong consumer demand.

Nintendo originally launched the NES Classic Edition in North America and Europe on November 11, 2016 and continued selling them through April 2017. However, many consumers struggled to find the nostalgic gaming console, with vendors selling out almost immediately upon receiving shipment. Nintendo says that in the six months during which the NES Classic Edition was available for sale, it sold more than 2.3 million units.

The NES Classic Edition looks almost identical to the company’s Nintendo Entertainment System, which it released in 1985. It features the same power and rest buttons, body design and controller ports. However, the NES Classic Edition doesn’t support NES game cartridges like its decades-old predecessor. Rather, it features around 30 built-in games.

The use of digital, built-in video games offers a new element of versatility to the NES Classic Edition. With the original Nintendo Entertainment System, it wasn’t uncommon for games to spontaneously freeze or otherwise stop working. At the time, the only fix to this problem was to remove the game cartridge and blow inside the chip. Since the NES Classic Edition doesn’t use physical game cartridges, though, this isn’t a problem from which it suffers. Furthermore, the NES Classic Edition has an HDMI port for transmitting video and audio to a TV, computer or other display device.

In addition to the NES Classic Edition, Nintendo is also bringing back the SNES Classic Edition. Like its counterpart, the SNES Classic Edition features dozens of built-in games from the console of its namesake. The SNES Classic Edition is expected to hit shelves later this year though an official launch date hasn’t been announced.


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