Michelle Wolf Does Not Regret Comments


Two days later, and the backlash against Michelle Wolf’s performance at the White House Correspondents Dinner continues to mount. Saturday’s annual dinner is a rite of passage in Washington D.C. political and media circles; a time when the two groups come together and engage in some personal ribbing and celebrate the power of the First Amendment. However, critics of Wolf’s performance claim that the comedian went too far, specifically when it came to her roast of White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

In her first interview since her controversial performance, Wolf told Terry Gross that she does not regret any of her words and that she is happy that she did not back down from her beliefs. The Trump Administration came down especially hard on Wolf because of her critiques against both Sanders and Kellyanne Conway. President Trump took to Twitter on Sunday calling Wolf’s performance “filthy” and an “embarrassment”. Trump skipped the dinner for the second year in a row, deciding instead to resume campaign rallies, this time in Michigan. In his place, he sent his loyal employee Sanders.

Wolf has since also criticized Sanders’ behavior at the dinner, stating that she did not bother to mingle with guests nor stand and applaud when CNN received an award for excellence in media coverage. Wolf spent the majority of her time at the podium on Saturday making jokes about Sanders’ physical appearance, as well as calling her out for her blatant lies. Not all of Wolf’s ire on Saturday was directed at Sanders. She also took the opportunity on the grand stage to call the President “racist” and poke fun of his exaggerated wealth.

But apparently, any publicity is good publicity. Since the uproar over Wolf’s comments, her Twitter followers have more than tripled and snippets of the highlights of her speech have become viral.


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