Man Paralyzed After Eating Slug


A young man was dared by some of his friends to eat a garden slug. Now, the man is disabled. He recently offered a look into his life so that others could see what he can do and what he is unable to do simply because he listened to what his peers wanted from him. Sam Ballard completed the dare when he was 19 to eat a slug. He didn’t think that it would do any kind of harm to his body at the time and was only doing something that most other teenagers do while they are young. Ballard is now a quadriplegic and spends most of his days in a wheelchair. He also has to be fed through a tube while relying on his family to help him with the simplest tasks, such as putting his shirt on or tying his shoes.

The dare happened in 2010. Ballard found a slug in the backyard and ate it because his friends dared him that he wouldn’t. Unfortunately, Ballard contracted rat lungworm. Now 28 years old, life is anything but normal for the young man who thought that he would complete a dare and go about his daily routine. Some of the friends who dared him have been right by his side from day one as well as his mother and the rest of his family. Ballard ate the slug one evening when he was with his friends on his back porch and saw the animal crawling on the railing. Soon after eating the slug, Ballard became sick and was taken to a local hospital where doctors discovered that he had lungworm. Many people can consume the worm without showing any kind of symptoms, but for some people, an infection in the brain develops, leading to paralysis and even death. Ballard still enjoys life as much as he can but from a different perspective than other people.


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