Latest UFO Encounters in Arizona


Cases of Unidentified Flying Objects, otherwise known as UFO’s, have been quite common in western countries. Some of these cases have been reported by military officers and operators as well as pilots. In as much as there are serious arguments on whether there could be another species hovering over the earth’s surface, there are some who believe that they could just be mere allegations. As noted from their first existence, UFO’s are said to be species from another planet with technology that is extremely sophisticated. It is also believed that they would be more intelligent than the human species. Some people have even argued that some of the latest technology that is currently available in the US and other developed countries is from the UFO’s.

In a recent case that was recorded in the United States, two pilots flying different planes have reported similar instances after they allegedly spotted UFOs. The two incidences were reported in southern Arizona. An American Airline’s pilot who was flying a commuter’s jumbo said that he saw an object with a big reflection above 40,000 feet in Arizona. In a conversation with the Albuquerque Center air traffic control, a Learjet pilot described how he saw a UFO on February 24. He explained what he saw not to be a plane and was moving in the opposite direction over the desert in southeastern Arizona.

Just like in the past, there are still doubts about the existence of UFO sighting by pilots in the sky during their flights. Some of them have even mistaken these objects with Google balloons. Some records are kept by the airline controllers regarding the alleged UFO encounters made by pilots in different times and geographical locations.

Even with the audio recordings two months later after the first encounter, there have been no clear reports on the particulars of the UFO. In her reaction regarding the spotted UFOs, Federal Aviation Administration spokesperson Lynn Lunsford said that there had been no further information other than what was documented after the two aircraft incidences.

The first UFO sighting in the United States was on April 1997 at the Glens Falls in New York. UFO specialist Marc Estabrook claimed that they stepped out of their ship and talked to him. The US consumer drones cannot reach the reported high altitude that these objects fly. It is imperative to note that the available technology, especially the one used to make experimental aircraft, has the potential of reaching such altitudes and beyond.


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