Jeff Aronin and Paragon Biosciences: Establishing Steps to Reinstate Hope for Countless Patients


Jeff Aronin is an entrepreneur with a philanthropist’s heart. He is the CEO of Paragon Biosciences, a biotechnology incubator and investment company he established to help patients living with rare and serious diseases that often have no approved therapies. Paragon Bioscience portfolio companies utilize advanced research methods to discover new medications and therapies. Representing an innovative approach of treating illnesses, Paragon Biosciences seeks to find new treatments exceeding those already known to modern medicine. Although the efforts of scientists throughout the generations have succeeded in creating groundbreaking methods for curing diseases, Jeff Aronin wants to take the biotechnology to a new level.


Traveling Beyond Previously-Known Treatment Methods


Jeff Aronin uses his innovative mindset and experience to enhance medical approaches for treating patients with rare disorders. For Jeff, a major key in treating diseases is to go beyond the current concepts. Paragon Biosciences has created a network of biotechnology companies employing leading researchers who are passionate about finding new treatments. Each company within the network hires researchers who develop contemporary methods for treating a specific rare disease or a set of diseases. Each company has its own leadership, but the companies are part of the Paragon Biosciences’ portfolio.


Creating New Medications in a Timely Fashion


Paragon Biosciences has already gained a certain amount of status in the biotechnology world. Jeff Aronin’s Executive and research teams have developed or provided significant leadership to 14 innovative medicines that have approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Even though Paragon Biosciences has won its rightful place among the top bioscience incubator and investment firms, Jeff Aronin is not satisfied with simply gaining the approval of the FDA. He also wants to provide financial aid to dedicated researchers. Accordingly, Jeff provides research teams with needed funds to help them in their efforts to develop new medications. From finding new treatments for rare blood disorders to diseases related to the central nervous system, his research teams constantly strive to find ways in which patients can have longer and healthier lives.


Introducing a Philanthropist Who Wants to Make a Difference


Jeff Aronin has 20 years of prior experience within the biotechnology field. Jeff’s unparalleled knowledge gives him the ability to develop complex research strategies for treating rare diseases. Jeff’s peers look up to him as a caring entrepreneur who never wavers from his purpose to help patients. Jeff has always enjoyed helping other people, particularly patients who are burdened because they are unable to find any treatments for their illnesses.


Jeff’s talented leadership skills have rightfully earned him respect from younger entrepreneurs who hope to turn the medical profession toward a new path. Jeff has previously stated that an unsolvable problem is an issue worthy of solving. His perpetual curiosity to discover formerly unknown treatments gives patients new opportunities to find novel treatments.


Helping Rural Families Residing in Remote Areas


Jeff Aronin has a passion to assist people who are burdened by their rare disorders. Jeff’s innovative company has been largely responsible for improving the lives of countless patients who had given up on finding treatments. Jeff’s commitment to helping communities around the world arguably led him to make the decision to establish research companies (


With the help of Jeff’s research companies, people now have access to advanced medical treatments. Even patients diagnosed with rare diseases currently have hopes for finding new medicines that address their needs.


Patients Deserve Recognition and Respect


An important principle associated with Paragon Biosciences is the fact that patients are treated with respect. Patients are never viewed as numbers in a vast medical database filled with dry statistics. Rather, staff members make efforts to become acquainted with patients and even strive to hire individuals living with challenging medical conditions. They do their best to understand the lives and conditions of their patients and their patient’s families.  In turn, physicians collaborate with researchers to ensure that patients receive the best treatments and medications for their medical conditions. Jeff Aronin’s unique inventiveness to create new remedies is carving its own unique niche in the lives of appreciative patients.


Establishing a System of Research Companies Featuring Top Researchers


Paragon Biosciences continues to develop networks consisting of top researchers. Focusing on research aimed at finding treatments for rare diseases, Harmony Biosciences employs researchers devoted to developing medicines that help patients who suffer from narcolepsy, cataplexy, and other diseases of the central nervous system. Harmony Biosciences has its headquarters in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania.


Situated in Parsippany, New Jersey, Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals (CCP) is a biotechnology company employing research teams dedicated to finding new treatments for people with rare skin diseases. Castle Creek is one of the companies which is part of the Paragon umbrella of companies. Patients suffering from epidermolysis bullosa simplex (EBS) experience painful and uncomfortable skin blisters. Researchers employed at CCP recently received the Partners in Progress Award for their development of an innovative topical ointment for treating EBS.


Creating a Network Composed of Outstanding Research Teams


For Mr. Aronin, time has a priceless value. Patients diagnosed with rare medical conditions hope that time is something they will have more of. People suffering from a central nervous system, dermatology, and other disorders hope to benefit from innovative therapies and medicines. Research teams employed by Paragon Biosciences are provided with the funds they need for the development of new medications in shorter time frames. Jeff’s conceptualization benefits both patients by advancing therapies effectively. Jeff Aronin is driven by the goal of benefiting the lives of formerly hopeless patients.

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