Immigration Dwindle in California


California has been complaining about the number of refugees the country has been allowing into their county. During the Obama administration, the United States brought in many immigrants into their state. However, the Trump administration changed all these, and they now are happy and relieved that their desire has been met. The United States has been a haven for refugees especially those escaping from war and violence in their countries. Changes occurred after the Trump administration raised concerns about the security of its people. The San Francisco Chronicle cites the case of an Iraqi immigrant, Mohanad al-Manasser. Al-Manasser fled Iraq with his family in 2006 and first settled in Syria. After receiving a death threat the very same year, he fled again to Oman, selling their home, car and other belongings. The death threat came to him in the form of a bullet inside an envelope at their doorway.

Al-Manasser used to work for the United States Army as a computer specialist. He was granted a special immigrant visa by the US Army. During that time, his brother worked for the British Army as a mechanical engineer. A father of three, Al-Manasser has peace knowing his kids are safe with access to education and friends having adopted the new life. However, it is traumatizing for Al-Manasser knowing his mother and brother (also with three children) are still stuck in Lebanon.

His worries had disappeared after receiving a call in 2016 that his family had been allotted to enter Northern California. Determined to celebrate the family reunion, he decided to move into a bigger house that would accommodate the entire family. Unfortunately, the Trump administration enforced a ban on the US refugee program with a freeze on Iranian refugees. The number of refugees was truncated from 45,000 under Obama admin to 110,000 based on security vetting.

The Trump administration had set a record for the lowest restraint on immigration since 1980 when the law was introduced. According to an anonymous State Department spokesperson, since 1975 the US has received over three million refugees. Upon Trump’s refugee ban, there have been seizures and starts on the program including augmented security procedures. The freeze was amplified in January with additional security screening on expatriates from high-risk countries comprising Syria and Iraq. California had open doors for immigrants until of late when they started citing security concerns. In 2016, almost 31 states publicly refused to take in immigrants while California took them in. However, the state has been in the frontline in banning the settlement of refugees on public land.


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