How to Get Your Cut of $34.6 Billion in Freedom Checks

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How to Get Your Cut of $34.6 Billion in Freedom Checks

The new tax plan passed, and this means that companies can expect their coffers to be fattened because of the tax breaks that are coming. American taxpayers can expect their bank accounts to swell as well when around $34.6 billion is paid out in the next month. Because of this, thousands of Americans can look forward to the money that they will receive because of one simple investment strategy.

One example is Doug Smith. He is a 46-year-old man who lives in Joplin, Missouri, who is going to receive $24,075. Lisa Luhrman is another example, and she is a 57-year-old female from Tulsa, Oklahoma, who will receive $66,570. Lastly, 53-year-old Mike Reed from Golden, Colorado, is set to obtain the highest payout of $160,923.

The payments that one receives depend on how much the individual invested, but judging by the payments listed above, it is easy to see that there is an incredible amount of potential here.

Matt Badiali introduced “Freedom Checks” to the world in a video in which he explained to everyone that they can benefit from these checks no matter how old they are, how much money they make or how much money they currently have in the bank. Every one of them can begin collecting these checks by next month, but they have to be positioned in the market before July 1.

According to Matt Badiali, “Now that the new tax plan is passed, this private ‘Freedom Checks’ program could be the biggest cash grab in history.”

In order to take part in this program, 90 percent of a company’s revenue must come from the transportation, storage, processing and production of natural resources. If the company fits the description above, it must also distribute its revenue to its stakeholders in Freedom Checks. Anyone can become a stakeholder with as little as $10.

This program cannot be compared to Social Security or Medicare. Anyone of any age can take part in it, and the payouts are expected to be much higher than those people can receive from Social Security.

The investment opportunity Matt Badiali is introducing to the public is the “Master Limited Partnership” or MLP. MLPs are known as “business partnerships,” but they are limited partnerships that are publicly traded. This allows them to have tax-related advantages that partnerships are entitled to have. This means that the profits will not be taxed until their investors are paid. It also means that these companies have the cash flow that companies that have gone public have.

Most MLPs are in the businesses listed above, so they are involved in the transportation, processing and production of natural resources such as oil and gas. Part of these companies’ activities involves looking for new wells and transporting the oil and gas through pipelines. They are also responsible for refining the oil that comes from oil fields in the United States.

Statute 26-F was enacted by Congress in 1987. Companies that meet the requirements of this statute are allowed to present their stakeholders with these checks whenever they like. They are also allowed to operate as tax-free entities. Under the statute, companies in the business of transportation, processing and production must distribute 90 percent of their revenue to stakeholders. Because the distribution of the revenue is a requirement to be considered a tax-free entity, Matt Badiali expects companies to begin distributing these Freedom Checks in monthly or quarterly payments throughout the year.

Oil is not being imported into the United States from Middle Eastern countries as much as it had been in the past. At the same time, American companies have been increasing their oil and gas production due to the fracking boom. Matt Badiali expects these companies to see massive profits this year and the years to come, and that is why he believes that investors are going to be receiving $34.6 billion in Freedom Checks just this year alone.

It is easy to invest in this opportunity. It requires purchasing shares in an MLP, and this is as simple as purchasing shares in Google or Apple. It’s also easy to receive your check because it will either be sent in the mail as a physical check or it can be deposited directly into your brokerage account. You will also have the option of investing in additional shares. Whether this is done or not, an investor can expect his or her payments to increase as time goes by, and the shares go up as well.

Investors do not have to pay taxes on these investments, and those who wish to sell their shares can do so at the capital gains tax rate. This is advantageous because the capital gains rate would be lower than the income tax rate.

Currently, 568 companies meet the qualifications to be considered MLPs, and they are getting ready to start making those monthly and quarterly payments now.

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