First Death-By-Exploding-Vape-Pen Recently Happened In The United States


Within recent years, vape pens have become wildly popular as an alternative to smoking that is considered safer, cleaner and more discreet. However, vape pen users will be horrified to know that, very recently, a man died from a vape pen explosion.

Tallmadge D’elia, a 38 year old man from Florida, suffered when two pieces of the vape pen flew into his head. This was the first recorded e-cigarette death in America. The event happened on May 5th. A small fire also started from the vape pen, resulting in burns on 80% of D’elia’s body. A fire alarm rang, and firefighters responded. They went into the St. Petersburg house and found D’elia’s body.

The vape pen that killed D’elia was a Smoke-E Mountain Mech Works pen. It was a “mod” type, and it was produced in the Philippines. The problem with the vape pen may have had something to do with the battery or atomizer. The fact that some manufacturers create imitation batteries exacerbates problems with vape pens. The exact circumstances that led to the explosion of D’elia’s vape pen are not entirely known.

D’elia’s parents are devastated at the development of events that have unfolded. They were never fond of his vaping habit, and they told him to not vape in their home. When his parents were out, he decided to vape indoors.

The Centers for Disease Control have given people tips on what they can do to avoid vape pen tragedies. One suggestion is that it is wise to keep an eye on them when they are charging. Do not leave charging vape pens unattended, and do not fall asleep while a vape pen is charging. While charging an e-cigarette, leave it on a flat surface with nothing around so that nothing catches fire.

One should not carry vape pen batteries loose in a pocket. They should not come in contact with metal objects, keys and coins.

People who commented on the story expressed their opinion that vaping is a filthy habit that is, in a way, on the level of expensiveness and filthiness as traditional smoking. Some people said that vaping has actually helped them to gradually quit smoking. There are others who claim that with the risk of e-cigs exploding, regular cigarettes are better to smoke. Other commentators made a plethora of dark jokes concerning death, exploding e-cigarettes, regular cigarettes and even the fact that he was at his parents’ house.


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