Emergency Landing For Southwest Airlines


A Southwest Airlines plane had to make an emergency landing in Philadelphia after the left engine ripped away from the vehicle. Unfortunately, one person died as a result of the horrific incident, and several other people were injured. A window was damaged when the engine ripped apart from the body of the plane as well. The NTSB is investigating to see what could have caused the engine to break away.

The woman who died was almost sucked completely out of the plane. Passengers pulled her back inside. The young mother of two lived in New Mexico. Officials with the airline have posted a video to express their apologies and condolences to the family of the young woman as well as the passengers who were injured. At least a dozen people were treated for injuries, most minor, after the plane landed.

The Southwest Airlines plane left New York and was headed to Dallas with 144 passengers. Shortly before noon on Tuesday morning, the plane had to land in Philadelphia. Passengers were able to get off the plane quickly and walk on the tarmac to get inside the airport. The plane was recently inspected in April 2018. One of the passengers posted a Facebook video sharing his thoughts and expressing his love for his family and friends because he thought that he wouldn’t survive. Other passengers shared similar videos on social media networks because no one knew if the plane would crash, killing the people on the aircraft. Oxygen masks dropped down from the ceiling right after the engine ripped away from the plane. Passengers credited the crew for safely landing the plane and coming to the aid of those who needed assistance. The plane has only been in flight since 2000 and has had very few incidents to report to the NTSB.


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