Donald Trump on Fitness and Health


Fitness and health are one of the most critical factors for humans against diseases and towards healthy living. The idea of fitness seems to have not escaped former and current US presidents at all. In February, President Donald Trump cancelled and replaced the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition with a President’s Council on Sports, Fitness and Nutrition. The former US President Barrack gave the previous name. Trump, however, refocused the council to youth sports instead. The council change was done on an executive order leading to the scrapping of Michelle’s Let’s Move program.

On Wednesday, the White House held the Sports and Fitness Day. Notably, more than 250 children, parents and coaching personnel assembled on the South Lawn. Among those present incorporated volleyball player, who is Olympics decorated, Misty May-Treanor and retired Major League Baseball stars Johnny Damon and Mariano Rivera. In attendance also was Lou Ferrigno, a retired TV superstar. During the event, Trump commenced his speech with emphases that the council would be a great success. Though he does not appear to play any other game apart from golf, he talked about his interest in sports.

Outstandingly, despite it being a health and fitness day, Trump hardly pointed out his view on exercise. According to the Guardian, his perspective on practice is said to be to a certain extent unconventional. Washington Post’s Mike Kranish and Marc Fisher wrote a book: Trump Revealed where they mark Trump’s certainty of the human body as a battery. In an interview with New York Times magazine, while giving further details on the same, he whispered exercise to be bad for a person. To affirm his statement, he talked about his friends who exercise all the time having body complications.

According to reports from the White House, unlike former presidents Obama and Bush, Trump has no time in his schedule for exercise. Trump believes that addressing a multitude of people is a type of activity where he compares it to being in a sauna. Science differs with Trump’s view on exercise being life-depleting. The only evidence was showing that strenuous exercise would be hazardous to health when taken more than thrice weekly, was published in 2015. Circulation, the American Heart Association’s journal claimed these exercises are linked to amplified vascular risk amid middle-aged women.

In as much as his views on exercise differ from the norm, Trump instituted the new health and fitness regime. News has it that he is on the borderline of obesity as he weighs 239 pounds. Concerning a statement was given by Ronny Jackson, who had been the president’s physician, Trump had accredited losing weight and exercising more would benefit him. Jackson left his post amid questions on his professionalism.


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