Brides Outraged Over Company’s Closing


Brides choose bridesmaids and often help them choose a dress for the wedding. Many brides want all of the women to at least wear the same color if they can’t wear the same style of dress. Some brides are now relying on the services offered by online stores. However, one online store, Vow To Be Chic, recently left customers singing wedding bell blues when the owner of the company suddenly closed the site.

The site posted a notice that it closed on a Wednesday afternoon. The closing comes at a time when wedding season is about to be in full swing, leaving dozens of customers wondering where they will get their dresses and accessories. The company has ignored emails from customers for a few weeks now, which has led some customers to cancel orders or take their business elsewhere because they thought that something like this would happen. Comments have been deleted from social media sites as well, especially those that ask whether customers will receive refunds for the purchases that have already been made.

A mass email was sent to customers explaining that the company was shutting down. Although the email details that the owners of the company were surprised, customers don’t agree. Customers have posted bad reviews and have asked many times whether they will get refunds only to be left in the dark and questioning the validity of the company. One of the reasons the company gave that it had to close was because it couldn’t raise the funds needed to continue operating. Most dresses from the company were about $100 and ranged from sizes 0 to 18. Brides would essentially rent a dress for a few weeks and return it after the wedding, which could be why the company wasn’t making much money since it didn’t sell the trendier dresses that are often more expensive. There has been no indication as to whether customers will receive refunds or not.


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