AvaTrade Review: Everything You Need to Know Before You Start Trading

avatrade review
AvaTrade Review: Forex Broker

AvaTrade Forex is an international trading company that was established in 2006 by a group of zealous e-commerce, security, and financial professionals. AvaTrade functions as a Forex trade broker and has managed to reach 20,000 retail traders by consistently improving on their core technologies, features and acquiring new resources. They have their headquarters at Dublin Ireland and with four offices located in Australia, Ireland, British Virgin Islands and Japan.

AvaTrade was created as an ingenious trading platform to help retail traders but later evolved to become the top choice for retail traders on the internet. Both in numbers and popularity! In its early stages, the broker focused on using technology to give retail traders top-notch services and drive a market disruption that would see it raking billions of dollars in later years.

AvaTrade aims at providing a safe trading environment and is fully regulated and licensed by the European Union (EU) and British Virgin Islands (BVI). All trading activities in the volatile forex markets are, therefore, protected by the bodies mentioned above. Numerous AvaTrade reviews on the web have identified the award-winning firm as a secure forex trading company with favorable startup perks and policies.

AvaTrade traders place over two million trades monthly that generate approximately $60 Billion of trading volume per month. This is proof of the top-notch services that this forex broker offers and serves as a true indication of its constant evolution. AvaTrade draws bonuses to a maximum amount of $ 14,000.

What does AvaTrade offer that makes it a jewel to retail traders?

Imagine having the option of investing in over 250 trading instruments, all seamlessly moored together? That is the opportunity offered by AvaTrade.

AvaTrade provides over 250 trading instruments that are:

  • Forex. Over 200 pairs.
  • Stocks.
  • Indices. Both majors and minors.
  • Commodities. Oil, gold, and silver.
  • Cryptocurrencies. This was a recent introduction. It entails a variety of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dash XRP, and Ethereum among others.

Trading Platforms Offered

Traders at AvaTrade have wide access to various automated Forex trading platforms including the official Ava Trader platform, MetaTrader 4 (MT4) for AvaOptions, Mac Trading, Meta Trader, Web Trader, MT4 Floating Spreads and MT4 Spread Betting. They also offer advanced versions of MT4 and Ava trader Mobile for iOS and Android devices. These platforms are user-friendly and allow simple single clicking of all the assets in a single screen. The platforms are fully customizable meaning they allow the user to carry out advanced charting, live–analysis and streaming of live feeds.

Automated Trading Solutions. A Fully-Autonomous Solution

Almost every AvaTrade Review points to one uniquely popular item of the AvaTrade broker: its vast selection of automated trading solutions. They are linked to software from service providers like Mirror Trader, Robox, and MQL5 signals, duplicate, Zulu Trade and FX Master Bot.

This automated software allows any user to duplicate the trades of other skilled online traders in real-time in an autonomous “mirror trading strategy.” The trader can simply do it from their mobile devices, by initiating mirror trading strategies in the click of a button. No intervention by the client thereon. Cool, right?

AvaTrade Customer Support System

AvaTrade’s primary objective is to create a user-centered forex trading experience for its clients. This is why it has multilingual customer support that manages international clientele’s needs. This initiative is geared to having professional support staff that is available for 24-hours a day, 5 days a week and who are well versed in over 12 international languages including French, Dutch, Arabic, Russian and Japanese among others. This ensures that all client’s questions are answered effectively, and they can get financial advice where necessary.

The support staff are able to handle problems raised by the experienced traders and can solve them in a short period. AvaTrade’s online platform provides a live chat session to handle client’s queries with a 24 hours phone support available only on weekdays. This compliments their email support system that is available throughout and usually respond within 24 hours.

Online AvaTrade reviews by satisfied customers are proof enough to give a new customer a perfect insight on the superb customer experience that the firm offers. Many customers have reported that they have enjoyed trading in peace and feel like they are in good hands.

AvaTrade Bonus and Promotions

Numerous AvaTrade review places the AvaTrade broker top of the list of the internet’s most generous Forex brokerage firms. AvaTrade has been said to have the most refined track-record with proven trading strategies. And for good reasons. New customers receive a massive deposit bonus of $40 for a deposit of $200 and heading up to $10,000 for a deposit of $50,000. Existing customers can claim bonuses ranging from $35 to $14,000 depending on the deposit amount.

This exceptional Forex broker has a unique reward program for clients making a minimum deposit of $100,000 or more in trade volumes. They are awarded large volumes of specialized offerings including, express withdrawal approvals, tailored educational programs, a dedicated Ava Select hotline, and customized trading terms among other special rewards.

The bonus funds are deposited in the customer’s account immediately after their identity has been automatically verified.

Security Features

AvaTrade requires its clients to submit all relevant documentation before embarking on the trading process to establish transparency amongst the traders. This also ensures that the customers have the peace of mind by knowing that they are trading with an established broker in an environment that is regulated by an official body.

AvaTrade is subject to comply with strict requirements regarding how they handle security issues, financial reporting, and client funds. The automated trader solutions are protected by a military-grade hacker-defense software that limits the leaking of information to a third party or the security breach of your trading account.

The payment process is not automated and will need you to upload a claim form through their support email or on your online profile. This feature allows the support to process the payment with 5 days or less, and in the process giving time for due diligence. Within this time, suspicious activities can be picked on easily.

If you go online to check on various AvaTrade reviews, you will barely find any customer complaints regarding the security of their systems.

Some of you are probably wondering…

But, hey, I am a newbie. How can I possibly make it in AvaTrade?

Well, newbie or guru, AvaTrade has something for you, a neatly tailored education program that can make a pro from an amateur in record time.

The AvaTrade Education Programs

AvaTrade account holders receive a series of brilliantly-collated online educative courses and live webinars in different languages. Perhaps the best in the industry. They are also subject to daily analysis tests that aim to test their understanding of the subjects taught. This is also a part of the benefits package for the existing customers.

The study materials are availed in e-books like the Forex Trading Strategies, articles and exclusive free videos. The firm also posts live market news in their trading platforms with the aim of keeping their customers up to date with the market conditions that influence their trading decisions.

This education program allows the account holders to continually improve their trading skills and learn new kickass trading concepts in the current market economy.

Our Final Take Home?

Like other AvaTrade reviews, our review shows that the firm is the best broker in the industry and is a leader in cutting-edge brokerage technology. This broker offers demo accounts that allow you to practice your trading skills when you aren’t proficient enough. AvaTrade is flexible and is dedicated to improving and widening their range of services. It is the best broker for all your trading needs.

Have fun trading, won’t you?

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