Australia’s Football under pressure to get a good name back in the world cup


Australia is scheduled to play France in Kazan on Saturday. They are also supposed to play against Peru and Denmark too. When they are playing these game, they will not be just playing. They will be playing for more than only three points. The team is already in Russia to play for their national pride. They will struggle to put a name on public trust and global reputation. The football team has been awarded a significant responsibility this summer. Bert Van Marwijk’s team has to showcase class and talent at the World Cup. Also, they are required to remain disciplined and play safe. If they do this, they will have a rare opportunity to win the hearts of the Australian people. Soccer in Australia is lagging far behind rugby leagues and the AFL.

Massimo Luongo, a player with English Championship side, Queens Park Rangers, spoke to one of the media saying that it’s an impressive moment that Australia will show the world what they can do it. The team will not only prove a point to the Australian sport, but to the world at large. A lot of bad things have happened, from the various suspensions of players from other sports like cricket, to the delivery of abysmal results in multiple tournaments. Luongo believes that if they perform well in the World Cup, it will automatically erase all the wrong things and replace them with the pride of national football. Good news always puts all evil under the shadow.

Luongo tried to relate with an Australian tennis player who has frequently been scorned for having let go matches that he would have won. The Australian fraternity is a unique community when it comes to sports. Australians have a culture where they want each sport to be played fairly. It’s a sporting culture in Australia that every team that represents the nation gives all their reserved energy.

For example, when the cricket team messed up, everybody said that that was not the Australian way. This is the point where the national football comes in. It is the ones on the limelight. This time round they represent the nation, the Australian way. The Australian people will consistently be following them now that they are in the World Cup; the most adored football tournament in the world. Luongo said even if the national team has always been fighting for a place in Australia’s sport, they will fight to the end during the tournament. They will struggle to get the proper name back.


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