AT&T Exec Says DCEU is “Trending in the Right Direction”


Despite some early hiccups, the head of parent company AT&T says that the DC Extended Universe is looking like it will have brighter days in the future.

This comes from John Stankey, formerly the CEO of the AT&T Entertainment Group and now head of WarnerMedia. The conglomerate recently acquired Time Warner, which owns the Warner Bros. and thus DC Comics.

Stankey will thus be in charge of the DCEU from now on, though he is several steps above those who will be directly involved in making it. Still, he took some time to comment on the franchise to The Hollywood Reporter, noting that the more recent entries have been improving on its flaws.

The products have been “trending the right direction” for the last year and a half, he says, and gave kudos to Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara.

“Obviously, there were some public things that have occurred over the last couple of weeks that would indicate that some additional change is underway,” he continued. “My involvement in that is to make sure I support Kevin in getting the absolute best talent possible and we’ll take that franchise to the next level.”

He added that AT&T’s various platforms will hopefully allow more possibilities for what the films could do in the future.

The DCEU started with 2013’s Man of Steel, which was financially successful but rather divisive with critics and audiences. Since then each entry has had its share of troubles, with the notable exception of Wonder Woman. Attempts to course correct have been tricky, resulting in rewrites and reshoots of Suicide Squad and Justice League that made the final products seem disjointed.

There is hope moving forward, however. This year’s only new entry, Aquaman, seems to be on track and is generating some good buzz. Next year will have Shazam, a lighthearted story about a teen who can transform into an adult superhero, and then Wonder Woman 2, bringing back the successful team of director Patty Jenkins and lead actress Gal Gadot. So far, these two seem to be averting the previous movies’ issues.

What comes after next year remains to be seen, with rumors constantly changing. Fans can only hope that Stankey, Tsujihara and the others involve will learn from past missteps and keep up the momentum that they seem to be building.


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