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Editorial Staff

Ravi Mandalia – Editor [editor@reporterexpert.com]

Ravi has a vast and extensive background in Science and Technology with a masters degree in Network Security from Liverpool John Moores University, UK. Ravi has worked with some of the best in online media industry covering technology, science and health related news.

Matthew Camden – Industry, Business & Market Expert [matthew@reporterexpert.com]

Matthew has a Bachelor in Marketing Management from Utrecht (the Netherlands) and has over 7 years of experience with international companies. He has worked in communications within companies and is very experienced with data analysis and reporting. Because of that experience, he enjoys reporting on industry, business and markets.

Linda Cramer – Technology Expert [linda@reporterexpert.com]

Linda is a technology graduate and loves to write about anything related to technology. Initially starting off as a programmer, Linda decided to combine her knowledge about technology and writing and that’s how she joined Reporter Expert.