5 Reasons To Host A Company Golf Outing at Avery Ranch Golf Club

Avery Ranch Golf: Local Golf Tournaments
Avery Ranch Golf: Local Golf Tournaments

There are many reasons to host a friendly corporate golf tournament. Getting together a group of people, of all different experience levels, is a great way to promote a cause while also providing a fun golf outing. Check out these 5 reasons to host a local golf tournament at Avery Ranch Golf Club:

Great Fundraiser

Hosting a corporate golf outing is a great way to raise money for a certain cause. Golfers will not only pay a fee to sign up but selling mulligans, raffles, and drinks are also different ways to easily raise some serious cash. Hosting a golf outing as a fundraiser is also a great way to promote a certain cause and raise more awareness for it. If your company has certain causes that they already sponsor it can be an easy fit when hosting a corporate golf tournament.

Promotes Comradery

Putting together a group of clients for a day of golf in the Austin sun is a great way to build relationships between employees and customers. Purposely pair up certain employees with certain clients in order to help foster better working relationships. This will also help to provide an opportunity to get to know each other that is hard to achieve within the confines of work. Make sure to know the experience of each golfer so that you can pair up teams evenly. A good tip is to make sure that your client is slightly better than your employee so that your client isn’t embarrassed. Add in a few beers to the mix and a golf tournament will prove to easily raise company morale without a lot of effort.

Show Off the Company

Organizing a successful golf tournament is a great way to show current clients, and possibly future clients, how your company does business. If you have a high degree of professionalism at your golf outing, that subtle message will show clients that you also can provide a high degree of professionalism in the business world. Making sure that you hit the mark on every aspect of a golf outing is key to promoting your business and bringing in new clientele.

Create Media Hype

Golf outings are a great backdrop to gorgeous pictures of your company employees as well as important clients. Make sure that there are photographers at your outing that can easily snap pictures with the beautiful backdrop of picture perfect greens. Encourage players to snap their own pictures and create a catchy hashtag for your event that will promote your company on social media. Building brand awareness by using this opportunity is a no brainer to build your business.

Thank the Big Fish

Hosting a golf tournament is an easy way that your business can publicly thank those clients that have done regular business with you the past year. Create a special award just for them or print out thank you signs to have at each hole that recognizes the big clients. A little effort in thanking your best clients goes a long way in making sure that credit is given to those clients that sustain your business.

Hosting a golf tournament in the Austin area is a great way to promote your business as well as provide a day of fun for both clients and employees. Plan a successful golf tournament at Avery Ranch Golf Club in order to easily build your business.


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