15 Beauty Trends to Incorporate Into Your Spring 2018 Look ft Lime Crime


Spring 2018 has finally arrived. And with that comes the season’s most colorful, most talked about, and most envied fashion and beauty trends. We see them in magazines, at music festivals, and within fashion blogs. But adopting the season’s top trends can be tricky, and some of us don’t even know where to start.


Luckily, inspiration can be taken from pretty much every place you look. You might run into your neighbor in the elevator and be inspired by her lavender shoulder bag. Or maybe you see an it-girl walking across the street in your city, and you get jealous of the way she carries herself and the style she seems to own.


Whatever inspires you or makes you want to polish your own personal style, we suggest starting with your beauty look. After all, we want to feel confident and beautiful no matter how much or how little makeup we end up wearing. With the help of Lime Crime, a beauty brand that offers trendy and cruelty-free makeup, these beauty tips for spring 2018 will have you looking on-trend and ready for wherever the day takes you.


  1. Highlighter that shows off the structure of your face


At the office, a highlighter is used for emphasis. It points out the most important pieces of information, and it encourages the reader to “look here” instead of elsewhere. And in the world of beauty, a highlighter essentially does the same thing. A face highlighter, which usually comes in the form of a makeup stick or powder, illuminates your face and adds a glow to the areas you apply it to.


To accentuate your face’s best features, you should know exactly where to apply highlighter. The first, and most common, place is around your cheekbones. Once you nail down where your cheekbones are, apply the highlighter delicately along the cheek line starting near the middle of your face and upward toward the direction of the top of your ear. You also apply highlighter under your eyes for a pick-me-up, on the ridge of your nose, or directly under your brows for definition.

For color options, look to Lime Crime’s opalescent highlighter palettes. A highlighter palette will give you three color options. You can use all three or choose one particular color based on your full look. Whether you go with a subtle tinted highlighter or you go all out with a vibrant highlighter, this beauty tip is sure to give your face a spring wakeup. But apply it lightly and on one area of your face at a time, or your look can go from glamour to mermaid in a heartbeat.


  1. Matte lips that let your eyes do the sparkling


When it comes to your lips, there are about a million types of lipstick. You can go glossy, stained, or liquid, but one type of lipstick that is popular no matter what the season, is matte. What is matte lipstick? Imagine a lip color that caresses your lips so nicely that people might wonder if you’re wearing lipstick or if you’re blessed with a natural color they’d pay hundreds for.


Matte lipstick is what it sounds like: lipstick that has no shine, gloss, or texture. It shows off the shape of your lips, while also encouraging your natural lip lines to come through. Matte lipstick comes in a variety of colors, from nudes to dark colors you didn’t realize would look so good on your delicate lips. If you’re looking for a nude or light-colored matte lipstick, go with Lime Crime’s liquid matte lipstick in Apricot Nude, which has rose tones and a velvety-smooth finish. Not only is this color versatile, it’ll last through whatever you drink, eat, or kiss.


  1. An everyday eye palette that will do the work for you


Imagine this: It’s 8:00 a.m. You have exactly 30 minutes before you have to walk out the door, and you’re currently still lying in bed. Or maybe it’s 6:30, and you have enough time to shower, make a smoothie, and take your time applying your makeup. No matter how much time you have in the morning, there’s one makeup product you should always keep around: an everyday eyeshadow palette.


Not only does Lime Crime have multiple eye palette colors, the company has compact editions, which you can take with you on-the-go in case you didn’t have time to apply eyeshadow before the left for the day or if you want to reapply after an afternoon gym session. This Pink Lemonade Pocket Candy Palette gives you five shades of shadow with glittery and matte options.


Whether you’re getting ready for the workday or you’re about to hit up the town, an eyeshadow palette will help you get ready with ease. It’ll give you the flexibility to either wear the same colors every day or switch it up without worrying about what colors go together.


  1. Statement eyeliner that says, “She knows what she’s doing.”


When you’re going for a dramatic look and really want to ramp up your eyes, eyeliner can make all the difference. Different eyeliner techniques include a cat eye, a winged effect, or a more natural look with light liner. The only problem with eyeliner is that if it goes wrong, it can discredit your whole makeup look entirely. And if it isn’t waterproof and your eyes are a little watery, you can look like a character from a horror movie.


We suggest a liquid eyeliner with a superfine tip. This will help you achieve a precision line and help you avoid overdoing it or going off course. If you don’t know how to achieve a perfected liquid eyeliner look, you can become a pro by watching one of millions “how to apply eyeliner” videos online.

  1. Purple accents that encourage the color of spring


If you’re wondering, the official color of spring 2018 (at least to us) is different shades of purple: lavender, lilac, magenta, plum, and even sangria — you might need to do some liquid research on that last one.


Purple is such a versatile color. We’ve seen it as a nail color, on luscious lips, and even as an accent tone in hair. Haven’t you seen hair tinted with purple? It’s a thing. We’re not saying that you have to go in a permanent direction with purple in your hair, but feel free to step out of the box by adding it to your beauty collection.

The purple trend has made headway with Lime Crime, as it’s one of the beauty brand’s top makeup colors. Check out Lime Crime’s Venus 3 palette, which includes eight colors, ranging from cool tones to a vibrant lilac.  Revelist had some good things to say about Lime Crime’s new palette as well.


  1. Foundation that you trust


Foundation: The word itself literally means the strong base before building begins. For makeup, foundation provides a clean slate to then add accentuating colors and pigments. Foundation evens out skin tone, while also keeping things like blemishes, bumps, and redness from distracting someone from seeing your beautiful eyes and smile. So, you can see why having a reliable foundation is important.


There are a few things to search for in a foundation. First, you want to find one that is infused with SPF. There are several brands that promise you won’t experience greasiness or residue, so make sure there’s SPF in there. Skin cancer definitely isn’t anything to play around with.


Next, make sure you find a foundation that matches your skin. If it doesn’t, your face can turn out looking a little orange and/or unnatural. Finally, seek a foundation that feels as good as it looks. If it feels heavy and thick, it’s probably going to bother you.


  1. Long-wear lipstick that you can forget about after applying


Whether you’ll be walking around the farmer’s market, going out for drinks with friends, or heading into back-to-back meetings, you probably won’t be thinking about reapplying your lipstick — and you shouldn’t have to!


Long-wear lipstick is a godsend, especially because you can literally forget you’re wearing lipstick, even though everyone else around you will definitely notice. When you find a long-wear lipstick that will in fact stay on your lips for the entire day, just be sure to keep that in mind when you’re putting it on. We suggest not putting it on while you’re driving, while walking into the office, or applying it without a mirror.


Lime Crime’s Blackberry PLUSHIES lip color lasts all day, is soft to the touch, and is strong in color. There are over 10 colors to choose from, and it’s affordable enough to buy a few different colors just in case you fall head over heels for it.


  1. Lashes that allow you to sans the mascara


One of spring 2018’s biggest trends is probably a trend every year: long lashes. Women have spent hundreds of dollars to achieve the look of long lashes, whether they invest in lash extensions, lash tinting, strip lashes, or serum that makes your lashes grow, and grow, and grow.


Whatever method you use to achieve the look of long lashes, we suggest adding some vitamins into the mix. Biotin can become your best friend if you follow the suggested use on the bottle. It not only can support lash growth, but it can also make your nails stronger, your hair longer, and your skin more radiant.


  1. Skin that is hydrated, plump, and toned


Speaking of radiant skin, this spring 2018 beauty trend is one of our favorites. Besides wearing foundation with SPF and taking some biotin, there are many ways you can take care of your skin and allow it to look healthy, supple, and toned this spring and summer.


The first step for healthy skin is to keep it clean. You should know that there’s a difference between cleaning your skin and stripping it, though. You should clean your skin before you go to bed and in the morning. Since you’re taking your makeup off a night, this is when you give it a thorough clean. Use a gentle cleanser, and be sure to hydrate it with moisturizer when you’re done. In the morning, gently clean it in the shower or with a soft cloth, and be sure to again, moisturize.


Another way to keep your skin healthy and glowing is by simply being nice to it. Don’t ever pick your skin, touch it several times throughout the day, or apply makeup in an aggressive manner. The skin on your face is very delicate, so take care of it and give it love.


  1. Brows that stand firm


You might have an intense daily makeup routine that takes you an hour to complete. Or maybe you enjoy a more natural look, and it doesn’t take you very long. Whatever your makeup routine is, there’s one feature on your face that should make a strong statement: your brows. This doesn’t mean your brows have to be super dark and look sharp, but it does mean they should be defined.


Even though you’re more likely to be complimented on your eyes or smile, eyebrows are definitely a feature that gets noticed. You might be blessed with perfect brows that are full and shaped like heaven, but not everyone is. To define your brows, start with the shape. You can get them professionally done, or you can give them a weekly check-in to make sure they aren’t growing like a garden.


After your eyebrow shape is defined, inspect whether or not they need a little filler. If your brows are super light in color but your head hair is dark, you might want to add a little color. If not, find a brow pencil or gel that will fill in those little holes.


  1. Lip gloss that goes with you everywhere


As normal humans, when our lips start getting dry, we can’t help but lick them thinking we’re encouraging some sort of moisture. In reality, licking your lips can make them dry and crack. That probably makes you cringe just thinking about it.


To support moisturized lips, carry a lightweight, light-in-color gloss that you can take with you anywhere and apply whether or not you have a mirror, even when you’re in motion. This Marmalade lip color would be a great option to carry in your bag, as it’s a versatile shade.


  1. Nails that balance your look


Your full spring 2018 beauty look doesn’t stop at your face; it includes the color of your nails. As a child, you might have begged your mother to paint your nails every time she painted hers, but painting your nails as an adult can be a hassle. Luckily, this beauty trend isn’t one that occurs daily. In most cases, your nail color can last at least a week, unless you go with a gel polish, which can last up to two weeks.

If you tend to wear more neutral and classic clothing, go bold with your nail color. You can add that pop of purple or an orange, which is another favorite color for spring. If you’re looking for festival fashion tips, you can apply iridescent pop-on nails, which only take 10 minutes to apply. They’ll finish your festival look and keep you from waiting for your nails to dry.


  1. A splash of neon, because why not


You don’t have to be a unicorn to wear neon. But if you are a unicorn, even better. Neon is a bright color that can be added in a subtle or in-your-face way. Lime Crime is your go-to beauty company for neon favorites that include options for your lips, eyes, and hair, and Lime Crime’s highlighters also come in bright colors.


How do you incorporate neon, you ask? Start with your eyes. The Venus 2 palette includes eight shadow colors, one of which is a neon blue. For your lips, the Passionfruit Metallic Velvetine’s lipstick will take neon to the next level while also making your lips soft and plump.


  1. A little glitter for your feisty days


You might not be the music festival type, but if you are, the glitter trend is perfect for a late-night performance. You’ll practically glow in the dark when the lights hit your face. Or maybe you’re going out for a girls’ night and really want to stand out. We suggest you put a little glitter on it.


If you haven’t tried Lime Crime’s Diamond Crushers, you’re missing out on the source for glitz and glam. With 20 color options, you can pick your poison and be the envy of all the other unicorns in the room. Our favorite color is the blue and pink Choke color, which is appropriate enough for dinner but bright enough to make a scene.


  1. Cruelty-free and vegan beauty products from Lime Crime


Finally, our last beauty trend of spring 2018 is choosing Lime Crime’s cruelty-free and vegan makeup. Why, you ask? By choosing cruelty-free products, you’re ensuring that the makeup you’re buying wasn’t tested on animals. The importance of vegan beauty products is keeping ingredients like beeswax, lanolin, whey, and carmine out of your makeup.

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