The White House Is Scrambling After Trump’s Latest Comments About The Charlottesville Disaster


Charlottesville, Virginia may be the city that lets the air of out Trump’s attempt to govern successfully. The president is in political hot water, but he doesn’t care. Republicans are cutting bait and running for the nearest political bomb shelter to get away from the Presidential fallout. Trump’s latest remarks about left-wing extremist bearing some of the blame in the Virginia incident is the icing on the crumbling presidential cake for some Republicans. One Republican administration official didn’t hold back when he gave Trump a little advice. The official said Trump’s voter base is not going to get him re-elected, and his majority in Congress is not going to last. The controversy over the president’s remarks won’t go away. And the press will not let those remarks go away.

Trump has a McCoy/Hatfield relationship with the press. Mr. Trump continues to antagonize the press, and the press continues to write stories about Trump’s incompetence. But even though the president knows white supremacists were at fault at the Charlottesville rally, he continues to support them by casting the blame on what he calls the Alt-left protestors. Mr. Trump is making up his own story about the hateful clash, according to some political analysts. That hateful clash will go down in history as the event that put Mr. Trump in a fatal political fire storm. The event was bad enough, but the president put an extra dose of badness on the situation by trying to protect his supporters.

Some officials think protests that turn violent will spread around the country, thanks to Trump remarks. Leaders of the Alt-right are cheering Trump for supporting them. White House administrators want the incident to go away, but as long as Trump continues to back the people responsible for the violence, there’s little hope of that. The White House is not saying much about the current Trump debacle. There’s not anything officials can say to stop the fallout. Trying to explain Trump latest remarks is like riding a dead horse. And that horse resembles the president.

The people close to the president were pushing him to speak about the incident for the third time. But when Trump feels pressure he lashes out and becomes a loose cannon. And he does a lot of political damage. Las Vegas bookmakers say Trump will not complete his first term in office. The Democrats have their fingers crossed, and the Republicans are scrambling to find an Alt-middle wing candidate to run for president when the time comes.


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