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Join Dr. Samadi LIVE on DrSamadiTV.com
Join Dr. Samadi LIVE on DrSamadiTV.com

Healthcare in America has never been more complicated. The system can be hard to understand, and the latest advancements in treatment can leave patients feeling overwhelmed. In order to better understand the changes in American healthcare, tune in each week to “Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi.”

The program is brand new, having just debuted in September 2017. Like many other popular news programs, “Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi” is available to stream online. Users can leverage their favorite social media application, and the program is also shared on the website of Dr. David Samadi. This ensures that everyone can access the content for a weekly fix of healthcare information.

The topics covered in “Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi” reflect the latest concerns and trends in the industry. Some weeks focus on important advancements in care, and Dr. David Samadi also tackles other procedural elements of American healthcare. This range of topics is designed to meet the needs of average viewers, many of whom have countless questions about what’s new in healthcare and how those changes affect them personally.

In fact, the program is so dedicated to answering real questions that it is structured for live feedback. During each live broadcast, viewers are encouraged to email or call with questions. In this manner, Dr. David Samadi can answer these questions as they come, which ensures prompt feedback for viewers.

Supplemental insight is provided by guests on the program. In order to enrich the experience for viewers, Samadi enlists help from leaders in the medical and wellness communities. These guests are carefully vetted, ensuring that they have the credentials needed to provide an expert opinion. By featuring these guests, Samadi is able to encourage alternative viewpoints in a discussion format. The back and forth not only keeps the program interesting, but it also engenders real dialogue for superior and comprehensive understanding of the issues.

This may sound intriguing, but the background of Dr. David Samadi is what really makes the program work. While Samadi is known as a celebrity doctor for his stints on popular news programs, he is also a practicing doctor. Samadi currently works out of Lenox Hill Hospital, where he oversees the urology department in addition to the robotic surgery program. His expertise in urology is noteworthy, but it is his keen grasp of robotic surgery that has made him a true presence in the international medical community.

The reason for this is simple. Although medical advancements happen all the time, some of the most important innovations in the past two decades are in robotics. Robotic surgery may be scary for patients at first, but the fact is that it has impressive benefits. With robotic surgery, procedures can be extremely refined. This means that there are fewer hours involved and fewer cuts required. Because of this, patients tend to recover faster and suffer from fewer complications.

These benefits are largely due to innovative leaders like Samadi. Samadi has studied robotic surgery for more than a decade. He first became interested in the procedure during his early medical training, and he became so invested that he extended his schooling to study under other doctors who perfected the procedure. This led him to France to practice at Henri Mondor Hospital Creteil.

Samadi became extremely proficient with robotic surgeries, which gave him ample opportunities back in the United States. He began to practice at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital before joining the faculty at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine. Even though he was still new to the field, Samadi was made the Chief of Robotics and Minimally Invasive Surgery in addition to Vice Chair of the Department of Urology.

Over the next few years, Samadi became a solidified expert in his field. He was able to leverage his background in robotic surgery to streamline urological and proctological procedures. In particular, Samadi gained attention for his ability to effectively treat proctological cancers through advanced robotics. By 2012, Samadi had begun to outgrow his current practice. This is why he ultimately turned his attention to Lenox Hill Hospital.

For Samadi, the transition to Lenox Hill Hospital was all about providing a better experience for his patients. During the transition, Samadi took his staff with him to ensure better continuity of care. This gave Samadi the ability to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation. Today, Samadi is highly regarded for his technique, and patients travel from around the region for his support in treating urological and proctological conditions.

Despite all that Samadi had accomplished, he still wanted to do more. Innovation does not merely exist in an operating room. It can also be online. When Samadi established his online presence, it did not take long for him to attract even more attention. His professional website soon became a valuable resource for important healthcare issues, and he offers smart advice to patients on achieving overall wellness in their lives. This online success soon became a weekly talk radio program. Then, by September 2017, Samadi was more than ready to make the move to television.

This drive to help people is what “Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi” is really all about. Samadi does not want to limit his presence to patients only. Instead, he wants to reach as many people as possible. This new platform allows him to do just that. In a world where news media is increasingly controversial, Samadi is able to provide a voice of clarity and reason. This is exactly what people need to better understand their own healthcare needs.

As healthcare continues to get more complicated, viewers can trust that they are getting straight answers from Dr. David Samadi. The program airs on Sundays in the afternoon at 12:30 on the East Coast. Live viewers can ask questions on the air, but all viewers are encouraged to interact throughout the week. To tackle your difficult questions and concerns about healthcare, tune in to “Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi” this week and receive expert feedback when you need it.


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