Should You Wear A Mask To Prevent The Flu?


People who have been fortunate enough to avoid the flu are desperately trying to avoid getting sick. They are washing their hands, getting vaccinated for the flu and wearing masks. You can see people wearing masks in grocery stores, on public transit and waiting rooms. Many people wonder whether this is an overreaction, or it can really work.

Nancy Epps works at Tampa General Hospital. She stated that the employees wear a mask every time that they treat flu patients. She said that the masks give them a barrier against the flu particles that are released into the air. Nancy stated that healthy people have an option. Doctors recommend that high-risk people who are in a public place wear a mask in order to protect themselves.

Children who are under the age of 5, adults over the age of 65 and people who have a compromised immune system are at a higher risk for developing complications from the flu. Brad Esposito works for the Palma Ceia Health Mart Pharmacy. He stated that flu masks are flying off of the shelves.

Brad stated that he ordered 10 masks in one day. He only had four left at the end of the day. He stated that the mask is a preventative measure. Cathleen Corgan wears a flu mask. She stated that she has had her flu shot, but it still worried about getting the flu. She wants to be extra careful when she is out in public.

If you are sick or in a high-risk group, then it is a good idea to wear a mask. However, you do not necessarily have to wear one if you are a healthy person who has had a flu shot. It is also important to note that flu particles from the air can be sucked into your mask.


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