Use of Private Email Accounts by White House Officials


Reports by current and former officials of the White House have revealed that close to six close advisors of President Trump used private email addresses to discuss a host of issues related to the White House. These revelations were made after it emerged late last week that Jared Kushner had used private email in receiving and sending over 100 emails that were related to the administration tasks until August. Jared Kushner is an economist advisor to the president and is also his son in law. Other people who were implicated in using private emails include former chief White House strategist Stephen K. Bannon and former chief of staff Reince Priebus. Other than these three, the others that were implicated in using personal emails to handle White House work include Gary D. Cohen and Stephen Miller. These two received or sent an email during the seven-month period. Ivanka Trump was also implicated in this list. As for the president’s daughter, she used a private email account when she was serving her father’s administration as an advisor. She worked voluntarily and didn’t demand any payments. This report was released by Newsweek which also reported that Ivanka Trump used the same email when she was hired formally as a White House advisor. However, these officials spoke on anonymity condition for fear of retribution.

In most cases, government officials are expected to use government emails. This is meant to allow for transparency to the public and any other official who might be conducting the oversight. However, it’s important to note that officials from the White House can use private email accounts. They are then required to forward the worked related emails to the accounts that had been provided by the government. This is what Donald Trump used against his opponent in the 2016 elections. Hillary Clinton had used private email accounts during her time as the secretary of state. Donald Trump used these private emails to discredit Clinton calling her untrustworthy. This is a closed matter after being investigated by the FBI who didn’t recommend any charges. The extent at which these officials have sent these emails is not known as none of the emails have been made public. At the same time, the officials who spoke about these emails sad that they were being sent sporadically. While responding to the issues, White House chief of communication Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that all workers had been instructed to use their government emails.


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