US Secretary Of State Says That Washington Is Ready For Serious Negotiations with Pyongyang


Rex Tillerson, the US Secretary of State, says that the United States is willing to have serious negotiations with North Korea if Kim’s regime is willing to be an incredible partner in the peace process. The State Secretary made these remarks during a joint ministerial press conference with the Canadian foreign relations minister when the global summit for the situation in the Korean peninsula was concluded in Vancouver Canada. The meeting was attended by international affairs ministers from 20 nations. Tillerson said that had very constructive deliberations about how to push for a diplomatic solution to the stalemate between Pyongyang and Washington.

Tillerson made this comments while speaking to reporters outside Vancouver in the Canadian province of British Columbia. He added that in any negotiations process that has taken place in the world, the partners had to be willing, and in this case, North Korea is not. Tillerson added that the American government had sent a clear indication to Pyongyang that they were ready for serious negotiations on condition that Kim’s regime abandons it ballistic nuclear missile program completely. President Trump has in the past said that there would be no meaningful peace negotiations between the United States and North Korea if Kim had not abandoned his nuclear missile program.

The US Secretary of State refused to give any comments on the comments that were made last week by his boss Donald Trump that he had a good relationship with the leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un. The comments were published by the Wall street journal which the president trump has leveled accusations against for misquoting him. The Vancouver meeting had representation from countries that had provided both the United States and South Korea with Troops and logistical support during the Korean War which ended when an armistice was signed between the North and the South.

The allies of the US in the region such as India, South Korea Sweden, and Japan were present in the meeting. The Korean War marked the very first major armed conflict after the end of the Second World War and in the nuclear age. It was also a war that ended with the US not having defeated the enemy decisively and thus had not dictated the terms of surrender. However, the two major powers in the region, China, and Russia were conspicuously absent in the meeting. The two countries had previously said that the conference in Vancouver would reignite the cold war tensions in the Korean peninsula.


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