The US And Pyongyang Set an Uncomfortable Encounter At The Olympics As the delegation From North Korea Arrives


The Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence and the ceremonial leader from North Korea may probably have their first meeting encounter this week on Friday at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. The meeting is set to come at a time when the US government under the leadership of President Donald Trump is preparing to continue the policy of maximum pressure against North Korea by imposing more economic sanctions to the repressive regime of Kim Jong Un. Any contact by these two leaders is likely to be engulfed by tension.

Vice-president Pence recently states that Moon Jae-In, the president of South Korea gave a nod to additional sanctions planned by Washington in a bid to bring Kim to the negotiating table and make him abandon his ballistic nuclear weapons program. The American Vice-president added that in the closed-door meeting that he had with the South Korean president, Seoul acknowledges the importance of economic embargo to the North in bringing the regime into inter-Korean talks. Pence said to reporters that President Moon had given Washington a strong reassurance of their support for the harsh measures to pile pressure on Kim Jong Un and his administration so that he can abandon his weapons program and finally achieve a fully denuclearized Korean peninsula.

Pence spoke at a memorial in Seoul that was prepared to remember 46 South Korean sailors after their ship was sunk in 2010. South Korea puts the blame on Pyongyang saying that they were responsible for the torpedo attack in the high seas. Pence arrived in Seoul on Thursday this week where he met with the South Korean president with both leaders agreeing to continue with their commitment to easing tensions in the volatile region. Meanwhile, North Korea continues to pile weapons of mass destruction and may be months away from developing a missile that could carry a nuclear-charged warhead to any city in mainland United States.

The regime continues to pursue its nuclear weapons program, in complete defiance with resolutions and economic embargo from both the Security Council and General Assembly of the United Nations. The nominal head of state of North Korea, Kim Yong Nam landed in Seoul on Friday along with Kim Yo Jong who is the blood sister to Kim Jong Un aboard a private jet. The jet flew with the official Korean standard and the name ‘North Korea’ inscribed on its side.


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