The US Proposes a Ceasefire in Ghouta Syria at the UN


The US has given a proposal to the UN Security Council for a resolution that would impose a ceasefire in the besieged enclave in Syria for 30 days. Washington has added that if the United Nations is not willing to take actions, it will unilaterally take action to bring stability in war-torn Syria. The US has in the past indicated that it’s willing to take decisive military action to bring peace and stability in Syria. Just last year, American forces bombed an airbase held by the Syrian military. Nikki Haley, who serves as the US ambassador to the UN, has said that unilateral action is not a preferred option by Washington, but a pat5h that the Trump administration has given clear indication that it’s willing to take. Ms. Haley was talking in New York at the UN’s Security Council.

She added that the US government under the leadership of President Trump was willing to take that road again. She said on Monday that the United States is forced to take action on her own when the community of nations sits on its hands while a country like Syria is threatening to go down the drain. Haley has issued a stern warning that works at the United Nations was only possible as long as there was trust between the member states when it comes to enforcing resolutions that had been passed by either the General assembly or the Security Council. The Syrian government led by President Bashar-al-Assad had repeatedly violated a UN resolution of a ceasefire in the Ghouta province.

The US ambassador to the UN said that if trust among the members were not achieved, then there would be no progress made in maintaining world peace and curbing aggression. Ms. Haley added that the United Nations had become obsolete as its fierce critics suggest if it could not feed or save the lives of Syrian children who had been living in basements and bomb shelters. She added that the month-long ceasefire would include uninterrupted access for humanitarian aid and the provision of medical evaluations for the people who volunteered. The ceasefire does not contain any loopholes that would permit attacks on terrorist organizations on the eastern side of the Syrian capital, Damascus. However, Ms. Haley did not give any definite date when she would put the draft resolution on the UN table for voting by the member states. She added that, if Moscow vetoed the resolution, Washington would take unilateral action.


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