This week, President Trump presented his budget proposal. Despite the presence of a couple of absurd intentions, one catches our attention as specifically imprudent. His plan would rid low-income earners in America reach to fresh food, which happens to already be a challenge. The SNAP, i.e. the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is the current method used currently to help fresh food reach the above families. It works by issuing them with their comprehensive benefit on E-cards which can be used in over 260,000 outlets and farmhouses.

On the other hand, the administration, with the leadership of President Trump, wants to minimize this fund by 30% in only ten years. They instead suggest that the families be provided with numerous boxes of more durable foods like cereals and rice. While overseeing the careful allocation of taxpayers’ money, the management also said that it, the program, would make it more difficult for adults without kids to gain without employment. This also applies to other people who rely on the SNAP.

The previous government introduced the SNAP, which according to studies has made the lives of millions easier and has helped eradicate poverty. Trump’s government, on the other hand, alleges that they are trying to help which is contrary to their actions. The program, SNAP, has already proved that it works so naturally if he was trying to help, it is expected that he would put more money into it. Instead, he is taking money from the project that works and putting people’s lives on the line while at it. Research has proved that children who grow up in families registered to the SNAP program have a higher chance of graduating high school and growing to be economically independent as compared to those raised in families that aren’t enrolled.

Also, a lot less is spent on health care by adults and their chances of taking sick days off from work are relatively lower as compared to the others. These people are also very less likely to talk about having nothing to eat as an excuse. In a nutshell, the SNAP program has had a lot more pros than cons which make you wonder why anyone would want to replace it rather than enhance it. This only proves that president Trump and his alibies are not trying to help the 46million Americans who suffer from poverty by working against the needed anti-poverty program.


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