US-North Korea Summit Winds-up well, with a Promising Outcome


The much-awaited joint summit between the US and North Korea took place just a few hours ago. The US president has come out in brief but hinting statement, revealing that the meeting was quite promising and better than was anticipated by critics.

Although details of the summit as provided by the leaders were scanty, president Trump said that the two sides would be expected to sign a deal of unknown and unrevealed nature. The talks were all centered on the US efforts towards subverting North Korea’s nuclear program which has not been well regarded by nations around the world.

The summit was not only historical; it was also dramatic in proportions likened to a Hollywood movie. The two countries have not enjoyed such cordial platform sharing for over 20 years, a record that was for the first time broken on Tuesday morning, Singaporean time, ushering in the first round of talks.

During a press briefing that the two leaders shared just moments after meeting, the US president hinted that the two countries would be in for what he termed as a terrific relationship that would weather the tensions that have been in existence for years and escalated in the recent past. On his part, Kim Jong Un said that the nascent relationship would be natured at all cost as evidenced in the recent challenges that threatened to derail the talks, yet the two nations offered to set aside their differences for the sake of the summit.

The American side of the talks offered to relent its position of imposing tough sanctions on the regime, sanctions that have already crippled the country’s economy. It was also assured to the North Koreans that military action would be, against all odds not pursued, if the North Koreans abide by the regulations imposed upon them regarding nuclear programs that it had pursued in the past few months.

The two leaders had a closed-door meeting in the company of their top aides including the US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo who has in the recent past met with Kim in North Korea. Notably, in the company of the US president was the national security advisor, John Bolton. Bolton’s involvement in the realization of the summit bore many similarities with the denuclearization of Libya during which he was working with President George Bush when Libya’s Gaddafi was threatened with similar sanctions and military action.

The president is expected to speak to the media on Tuesday morning, Eastern Time, in Singapore before returning to Washington.


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