The US Considers a Preemptive Attack on North Korea


The United States under the leadership of President Trump is considering to make a pre-emptive military strikes against Pyongyang. The planned attack is in a bid to make a statement to the Supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, that the US is serious about stopping his ballistic nuclear missile program.

According to sources, there was a plan by the White House to consider the use of force as diplomacy had failed to tame the totalitarian regime. One of the security officials in the White House has said that the Pentagon was currently considering military options to punch Kim in the nose and get the regime’s attention. The move is set to show that the free world, under the leadership of the United States, would no longer tolerate nuclear proliferation by nations that are hostile to the United States.

The Trump administration has drastically upgraded the resolutions for the use of force. The options that are currently available to the White House and pentagon are to destroy the stockpile of weapons of mass destruction in North Korea and the bombing of a missile assembly sites before Pyongyang could make any further missile tests.
The preemptive strikes aim to show Pyongyang that Washington was serious about stopping the piling of weapons of mass destruction that could potentially be sold to terrorists who would attack the West. President Trump has shown that he is more than willing to make firm decisions about the military action before. Trump has previously ordered air strikes against Assad’s regime in Syria in April this year.

The airstrikes were in response to the use of chemical weapons by President Assad against the Syrian populace. Evan Medeiros, a former advisor to the Obama administration on Asian-Pacific matters, said that President Trump and his administration were taking the threats posed by the North Korean regime seriously. While speaking in a conference to the Asian society, Mr. Medeiros said that the world should know that military options were still on the table for the US to make use of force to neutralize North Korea. He said that anyone outside president Trump’s security code clearance would not be at liberty to discuss the matter definitively. He said that many were not aware of the depth that that conversation had been discussed inside the White House.

Earlier this year, the US president promised that he would rain fire and fury down on Kim’s regime if Pyongyang made any threats to the US citizens in their soil or abroad. Trump also said that the US would step in if North Korea attacked any of its allies.


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