University Of Arizona Coach In Hot Water After FBI Probe


The University of Arizona has some explaining to do to say the least. The University has been caught up in a situation involving the FBI and illegal payments to players. The coach was caught on a wiretap discussing the potential for a $100,000 payment to a player in order to secure him coming to Arizona to play basketball.

Sean Miller is the coach in question, and it is believed that the payments would have been arranged in order to allow for a top talent by the name of Deandre Ayton to play basketball for the University says Bleacher Report.

The way in which this deal was facilitated is a little complicated. There were a lot of backroom deals going on to try to make this happen. It is not as though the coach simply asked the player outright to come play for the University. It is also not the case that he talked to a scout or other agent about this deal either. Rather, there were several middlemen who were associated with the deal.

Those not familiar with college sports should know that college level athletes are not permitted to receive payment for the services that they render to the schools they play for. They may receive scholarships and room and board accommodations, but a direct payment to a player is not permitted.

The FBI takes this situation very seriously. They would not have gone through the trouble of conducting an entire probe into the matter if they had not felt that it was important. They do believe that it is important though, and so here we are.

The sports world has been shocked by this news to say the least. There are literally seven top ten basketball programs that have been caught up in this investigation at the moment. Perhaps they achieved some of their great success at least in part due to the fact that they were working their way around the rules. Other universities did not necessarily have this same luxury.

There is still a lot yet to come out about this situation. It is possible that there will be more shoes yet to drop. We do not know the full extent of what the FBI has on the coaches. Criminal charges and fines are certainly possible. The story continues to develop, and everyone in the sports world will continue to check in on how it is going.


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