The United States Is Slammed by Palestinians After a Veto on the Jerusalem Decision


The Ambassador of Palestine to the UN has rejected a veto vote by the United States to the Security Council on Jerusalem’s resolution. This was after US president Trump recently made an announcement to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. President Trump also announced that the US government was in deliberations to consider moving their embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. 14 other members of UN’s Security Council also backed the draft resolution on Monday. The member states who backed the call for a change of Israeli’s capital include many allies of the United States. The move by the US president has sparked massive protests in support of the Palestinians in major cities around the globe.

The Palestinian ambassador to the United Nations, Riyad Mansour, said that the announcement by the US president was full of paradox that at a time when both Israel and Palestine were waiting for a peace plan from the United States. Mansour said that such a move by the American government would obstruct the realization of a peace agreement between the two nations further. Mansour said that the decision by the Trump administration encouraged the Israelis to continue with the crimes that they have consistently committed against the Palestinians. According to Mansour, the announcement by President Trump was meant to encourage the Israeli’s to continue with the occupation of Palestinian territory.

The umbrella of all the political parties in Palestine known as the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) announced on Monday that it would no longer accept the United States as a partner in the process of finding a lasting peace between Israel and Palestine. The President of the PA, Mahmoud Abbas said that they would no longer accept the US as a partner or mediator in the peace process. The PA is a government body based in Ramallah that is responsible for the administration of occupied territories of West Bank. Abbas also committed to seeking Palestine’s full membership to the United Nations after such a move in 2011 failed.

As of today, Palestine has been granted a non-member observer state status in the United Nations which means that it can speak out its mind but has no right to vote on UN resolutions. The US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, admitted that the US was honest and courageous enough to recognize the reality of the Jerusalem issue. Haley said that for thousands of years, Jerusalem had been the cultural, spiritual and political capital for the Jews.


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