The United States Plays Hardball over the Vote for Jerusalem at the United Nations


The US government came out publicly hostile towards the United Nations for what it claimed as a biased opinion against Israel. The Trump administrations condemned a resolution that was enacted by the Obama administration and passed at the UN Security Council that stated that settlements by Israelis were a violation of international law. The US ambassador to the United Nations said that things were set out to be different this time around.

Nikki Haley sent letters to dozens of nations ahead of the General Assembly vote on whether the Israeli capital should be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The US-backed move has received a lot of criticism from several nations around the world. Haley said that the United States government together with President Trump were taking the UN vote personally. She also added that she had been directed by President Trump to report back to him a list of countries that voted against the resolution.

The US ambassador to the UN also took to social media where she wrote on her Twitter handle that the United States was asked to give more and do more at the United Nations. She added that whenever the US government decided on where to locate their embassies with the will of the American people, the administration did not expect to be targeted by the very people that it had helped for years.

The president was pleased with the assertiveness of his UN ambassador and added that any country that supported the resolution by the UN General Assembly would no longer benefit from US funding in terms of Grants. The decision on Jerusalem was expected to be a hotly contested issue with many nations opposing the decision by the US to veto the migration of Israeli capital. However, passing a non-binding and symbolic resolution at the United Nations regarding Israel was at stake.

The threat by the UN ambassador and the US president was a clear sign of Trump’s America first foreign policy. A United Nations expert on international relations, Richard Gowan, said that the Jerusalem vote presented diplomats with an opportunity to let off steam and relieve their tensions before the Christmas holiday. Gowan said that many countries have the chance to display their discontent with Trump’s dictatorial policy at the United Nations. He said the United States government led by President Trump had shown disregard and disrespect to the United Nations by vetoing against the resolutions of the General assembly.


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