The United States And Japan Want China’s Help On The North Korean Debacle


The North Korean nuclear threat is in overdrive, and no one knows what to do about it. Even though North Korea is the poster boy for all things wrong with the world, the United States, Japan, South Korea and the European Union have no idea how to turn the heat down and put an end to Kim Jong-un’s one made potty show. If the U.S., Japan, and South Korea use military action to stop North Korea, millions of people will die in that free-for-all. And trying to solve the situation through diplomatic negotiations is like trying to get the Kardashian’s away from their bedroom mirrors. It won’t happen, unless China jumps in, and puts a trade hammer lock on Kim Jong-un.

But China is reluctant to get go deeper into the debacle for a couple of reasons. North Korea is a China ally. And China is North Korea’s biggest trading partner. Kim Jong-un and his group of nuclear henchmen are still eating well and sleeping like babies because they know China has their back. The other reason for China’s non-participation is their 870-mile border with North Korea. If a war breaks out, China will be the safe zone for millions of North Koreans, and the Chinese don’t want to be foreign babysitters.

The ongoing Korean missile test program has put a thorn in the side of Chinese officials, but that thorn is not deep enough for China to put its foot down, and force Kim Jong-un to behave. China was North Korea’s main supporter during the Korean War. If not for China’s help, there would be no North Korea today. The high-level meetings between North Korea and China are still going on, and those meetings are not helping the situation. After all, Communists stick together when outsiders push political and economic buttons. Both countries violate human rights. And both countries think the West is plotting against them economically and militarily, according to North Korean and Chinese scholars.


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