Unicorn Dark Hair Collection: Lime Crime’s Introduction To Hair Care

Everyone is well-aware that Lime Crime is one of the leading contenders in the makeup industry. The company has been going strong since its inception back in 2008. The great thing about this brand is that it implements ingenuity into all of its products. Just like its high profile and bold makeup products, Lime Crime has its very own hair care line. This line is known as the Unicorn Hair Collection, and it offers some of the best hair dye substances. This collection is a mirror of its counterpart. Some of the boldest and brightest of colors can be experienced here. As of October 24, 2017, the company has introduced another top contender that will surely shake up the industry.

Unicorn Hair Collection has stepped its game up as it now offers some of the most brilliant, deep blue hair dye pigments. That’s right! Even if you already naturally have dark colored hair, you can still benefit from these invaluable products. There are four newcomers that have been added to the lineup. This would include:

  • Chestnut (deep maroon)
  • Sea Witch (mermaid’s tail green)
  • Charcoal (dusty gray)
  • Squid (spooky purple)

There was quite a bit of buzz surrounding these new colorful dyes thanks to Lime Crime’s huge social media presence. The brand flaunted the idea to the public, which has helped to build such great anticipation. This is successful marketing 101 in its purest form. Founder Doe Deere is steadily growing the business by catering to a specific void within the industry. She works exclusively with a team of talented personnel while brainstorming for new ideas. So far and as of today, this method has been a success. Join Lime Crime’s unicorn team by purchasing this hyper-performance hair dye product. You’ll still receive the organic benefits of silky hair, fuller coverage and a longer lasting shine.


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