Two People Die As The Result Of Freezing Cold Temperatures


Most of the United States is experiencing extremely cold temperatures. In fact, many places have experienced record low temperatures. Many New Year’s celebrations were cancelled due to the weather. There have also been school delays and closings due to the weather. Additionally, at least two people have died due to the record low temperatures.

Despite the cold weather, many people celebrated the New Year by jumping into Lake Michigan. The local fire chief warned people that jumping into the lake could lead to hypothermia. However, some still choose to ignore that warning. A similar event was supposed to take place in Chicago, but it was cancelled due to the below freezing temperatures. Organizers stated that jumping into the lake was too dangerous due to the Arctic blast.

Jeff Coggins is one of the people who helps organize the event every year. He stated that if people spent 10 minutes in the lake, then they would be ready to get out of it. Many people in Chicago visited the beach in their swimwear on New Year’s Day.

The temperature in Omaha, Nebraska on Sunday, December 31, 2017 dropped down to -26 C, which is a record low. That is the lowest the temperature has been since 1884. The annual New Year’s Eve fireworks show was cancelled due to the extremely low temperatures.

The Deep South, which typically has mild winters, also experienced below freezing temperatures. Many people reported having dead car batteries and frozen pipes in their homes. The temperature was in the teens in many places in the south.

According to the Milkwaukee County Medical Examiner’s office, there were two bodies found. Both bodies showed signs of hypothermia. One was a man in his 50s, and the other was a 34-year-old man. They stated that the cold weather was a factor in both deaths.


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