Trump Thinks He Would Run Into A Danger Zone But His Actions Don’t Always Match His Talk


Donald Trump never went to Vietnam. He had bone spurs, and that was a 1Y military classification in the 1960s. Some news reports say Trump’s military fetish is the result of him not serving his country. He wants to prove he is a combat fighter even though the only combat he knows about are his three marriages. Mr. Trump was never a law enforcement officer, and there is no proof that he has any sort of hand-to-hand combat training. So when he told people in a White House meeting that he would run into a danger zone even if he didn’t have a weapon, some people just looked at him with one of those “what the hell” looks.

Trump did have a tense moment at a political rally in Ohio in March 2016. He was talking about manufacturing, and a man jumped a barrier behind Trump, and he landed on the stage. Trump nervously turned around, and he started to duck behind the lectern. The secret service jumped in, and Trump was out of harm’s way. Trump told the audience he was “ready for the man, but it is easier when the police do it.” A secret service agent did have minor injuries and the man who wanted a piece of Trump got an arrest on his record and several misdemeanor charges. That same year, Trump heard someone yell “gun” at a Nevada rally, and he immediately left the stage.

In 2015, Mr. Trump was Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. During a photo shoot, Mr. Trump was sitting behind his desk, and a bald eagle named Uncle Sam was sitting next to his desk. The eagle didn’t want to sit where he was sitting, so he started to flap his wings. Donald Trump almost fell out of his chair, and out of camera range, trying to get away from the eagle. Trump told the interviewer he was not going to sit with the bird again.

Mr. Trump also has a reputation for being a germaphobe. He washes his hands constantly and drinks out of a straw. And during a Howard Stern interview, he said he didn’t like to see blood. He told Stern even a finger cut was enough for him to leave the scene. And as president, Donald Trump has yet to visit a combat zone overseas, according to the Washington Post.


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