Trump Says That the Russian investigation Makes America Look Very Bad


President Trump told the New York Times that the Russian inquiry made the United States look very bad and has put America in a bad position. This was after he played a golf match in West Palm Beach, Florida at the Trump International Golf Club. The President noted that the special counsel in the Russian inquiry, Robert S. Mueller III, will give him a fair treatment. This statement is seen to be in contradiction with statements by members of the Republican Party who have waged an all-out war on the investigation for a whole week now, whose purpose is to discredit Mueller and his investigation.

During an interview at his private golf course, the president did not make any calls to have the investigation about his administration stopped. He, however, insisted that there has not been a conspiracy that has been so far discovered by the inquiry after attempting to make the US government complicit for a record 16 times.

President Trump said that the inquiry has put the United States in a very bad position and have given a very bad picture of the country on the world stage. He added that it would turn out better for the US if the inquiry is concluded soon enough. The president seemed to put all his focus on the Russian investigations when he was asked whether he would give directions to the Justice Department and the Attorney General to reopen investigations to the leaked emails from the Hillary Clinton campaign team.

Resident Trump said that he had the absolute right and prerogative to do whatever he wants with the Justice Department. This was after some of the Trump supporters noted that it was within the powers of the US president to open and close an investigation as he so wishes. However, Trump said that he would stay uninvolved with the Hillary Clinton investigation hoping that he could be treated fairly when it comes to the Russian research. The president also said that he had taken a soft stance on how China conducted its commerce in the hopes that they would return the favor by exerting pressure on Pyongyang to abandon its ballistic nuclear missile program.

This came hours after he had accused the Chinese government of exporting oil to the totalitarian regime in North Korea. However, President Trump said that his patience with Beijing would end very soon with the continued non-cooperation on the North Korean issue. Trump has raised the possibility of enacting stringent commerce actions on Beijing if they don’t stop exporting petroleum to Pyongyang.


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