Trump says that the Reckless Pursuit of Nuclear Missiles could soon be A Threat to America


On Tuesday night during his state of the union address, President Donald Trump gave a strong warning about the nuclear ambitions that are being pursued by North Korea. The US president said that Pyongyang’s reckless pursuit of a nuclear weapons program could soon pose a serious threat to the United States. He continued to note that Washington was applying maximum pressure to deter such an attack from North Korea to her mainland and her allies. Trump said that history had taught us times without number that concessions and complacency served only to invite provocation and aggression from US’s adversaries.

He added that he would be very careful not to repeat the mistakes that were made by previous administrations whose foreign policy only served to get the United States in a situation that was very dangerous. In 2017 alone, the repressive regime in North Korea under the leadership of Kim Jong Un launched three intercontinental ballistic missiles for testing including one in late November which was known as Hwasong-15. The ballistic missile tests raised alarms in the American defense industry as Kim proved that his missile program had the capabilities of launching missiles with ranges that could span up to 8,000 miles.

Such a missile range means that Pyongyang could launch a missile attack on the continental United States including some of the major cities in American East Coast. The harsh comments from President Trump about Pyongyang comes just days after the director of the CIA, Mike Pompeo gave a prediction in a BBC broadcast on Monday that North Korea will have the capability to launch a Nuclear warhead using an ICBM to the mainland of the United States in the next few months. Experts in the US defence industry have said that North Korea possesses the expertise and technology to have intercontinental ballistic missiles re-enter the earth’s atmosphere from space after surviving the missile re-entry phase.

It is also expected that after a break of two months, Pyongyang will resume its ballistic missile tests in a short while. There has been a rumour mill doing rounds within the Trump administration that the US armed forces are planning the execution of a preventive or limited strike against Kim Jong Un’s regime. There have also been murmurs that Trump intends to make a bloody nose strike against North Korea. President Trump has repeatedly said that he would never negotiate with Pyongyang before Kim has shown goodwill by abandon his missile program.


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