Is Trump Eroding the Moral Authority of the US Globally?


The reported derogatory remarks of the US president trump against Haitians living in the US and slur against people who had immigrated to America from what he referred to as “shithole” countries in the African continent has created shockwaves worldwide. The offensive statements by trump have also coupled up to bring a diplomatic row that could be detrimental to the image of the United States on a global scale. The comments would also add more complications to the efforts of immigration reforms inside the US. The remarks made by president Trump were greeted with outrage and shock in a meeting of legislators on Thursday where they were discussing immigration reform.

Many nations summoned their US ambassadors to explain and demonstrate over the language used by the US president. Disgust and disappointment have been expressed by a host of legislators with one of them giving a declaration that the comments made by Trump were the complete opposite of what it means to be an American patriot. Even as the derogatory comments by Donald Trump provided oxygen for late night commentators, questions have been raised on whether Trump has made it even more difficult for legislators to come up with a bipartisan compromise that would lead to immigration law reform.

Critics from home and abroad have said that the sentiments made by the president were against the notion that has been believed since time immemorial that the US is a country that has embraced immigrants since its forming. The statements have also gone against the belief that a person should be judged by the content of their character and not their origin, tribe, religion or color. Many critics who spoke about the sentiments made by President Trump have alluded that they would damage the reputation of the United States all over the world.

One of the legislators, Senator Lindsey Graham from South Carolina who also hails from the conservative party, said that she had reprimanded the president for his statements on Thursday. She maintained that it is her firm belief that America is a nation that has been built on ideals and not the people who are in it. Senator Graham has always maintained a very cordial relationship with president Trump. Graham continued to say that American ideal has been adopted by countries, corporations, and individuals all around the world. She quoted the American ideal, E Pluribus Unum which means that out of many, one. Diversity has always been the most significant source of American strength and has never been a weakness.


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