Trend of youtube, YouTube is on top of AppStore


First of all, as we all know that youtube is the biggest platform for sharing videos with all over the world. Youtube is an American website which allows users to share what they want to share with the whole world. Youtube has offered us a lot. Youtube is not only a way to share or watch videos but also it is a source of income or anyone who has some special skills can make youtube a source of their income. With the help of youtube, you can share with people what is special in you and people can learn from you also.
Youtube has offered us a lot of video sharing with the whole world, offline video saving, comment on the video for a query about that video and you can make an interaction between you and the other person even by that comment box also. So now youtube has introduced its latest feature just few month back and that is live video streaming. Live video streaming is that feature of youtube by which you can share your live activities with the whole world which simply means you can have a complete one to interaction with the complete world at the same time and without going anywhere, all you need is just an internet connection and you can have fun with this feature.
This is the only feature which made youtube on the top of the list in the apple Appstore which is a moment of proud that youtube is not trending on android only but it is also ruling the apple Appstore can check about that news as it is surely confirmed that youtube is on the top position in the app store. And live streaming is the biggest reason for that success.
So these are some of the news about the trend of youtube.

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